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News and Events

Consortium Meetings:

1st Year Progress Meeting (2014)

Mid-Term Review Meeting (2015)

3rd Year Progress Meeting (2016)

Final Meeting (4th Year Progress Meeting) (2017)


2017 - Prof. Gallagher awarded the inaugural 2017 Irish Association of Cancer Research (IACR) Cancer Research Medal

2017 - Publication of blog by SYS-MEL fellows in BioMedCentral Blogs entitled "Comprehensive DNA methylation study identifies novel progression related and prognostic markers for cutaneous melanoma"

2017 - Public press mentions in the RTE news and Medical Xpress

2017 - Participation of SYS-MEL fellows in the UCD Science Festival

2017 - Publication of article by SYS-MEL fellows in the Medical Independent entitled "Treatment of Metastatic Melanoma - the revolution is now here"

2017 - Publication of two reviews by SYS-MEL fellows in Seminars in Cancer Biology and Cancer Resarch

2016 - Participation of SYS-MEL fellows in the Patient Voice in Cancer

2015 - Publication of review by SYS-MEL fellows in Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics