OncoMark Ltd is an Irish diagnostics company

Our primary focus is the development of novel panels of cancer biomarkers, to aid treatment decisions and personalise patient care. A biomarker is a biological measure that can be used to predict the course of a disease or to determine if a patient will respond to a specific treatment. 
Use of biomarkers in cancer can help doctors to personalise patient care by predicting whether or not they require certain treatments.

OncoMark have a pipeline of products that will improve the quality of life for cancer patients. These products use novel biomarkers and cutting edge technologies and are currently under development in our laboratories.

OncoMark Ltd was founded by Prof. William Gallagher and Mr Steve Penney to develop panels of novel biomarkers for oncology clinical assays.

Mr Des O'Leary, CEO, has over 20 years experience in the diagnostics industry and is supported in the management of OncoMark by Prof. William Gallagher, CSO, who is an expert in cancer research.

Our core R&D team are leading the development of biomarker-based clinical assays for cancer.

Our offices and laboratories are based in Dublin, Ireland.