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December 2014:  FAST-PATH video case study - InterTradeIreland 'Collaborate to Innovate' European Research and Innovation Funding for SMEs

InterTradeIreland's 'Collaborate to Innovate - Horizon 2020 Opportunity and Support' is an all-island initiative targeted at those interested or involved in growing their business through R&D and innovation. The objectives of the initiative are; to increase the chance of success in Horizon 2020, to showcase the local support available for Horizon 2020 applicants in Ireland and Northern Ireland and to highlight key funding opportunities.

Professor William Gallagher gives FASTPATH project case study presentation for InterTradeIreland's Collaborate to Innovate initiative. 

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28th October 2014:  FAST-PATH Annual Meeting

QUB hosted the annual project meeting in Belfast on 28th of October 2014. The Consortium discussed the progress made so far with the project along with future planned project experimentation, secondments and recruitments. It was a highly productive meeting for all concerned.

9th - 10th September 2013: FAST-PATH Mid-term review
To mark the mid-way point in the FAST-PATH programme, a two-day meeting was hosted by OncoMark in Dublin in September. All members who have been involved in FAST-PATH to date, attended and participated in lively discussions and presentations of their research so far. The first day was a very productive and enjoyable Consortium discussion day, to plan for the remaining two years of the programme. For the second day of the meeting, the Consortium were joined by the EU project officer, and an external reviewer, who provided a valuable review and appraisal of the progress of FAST-PATH so far, with suggestions for the future. 

27-28th June 2013: Prostate Cancer Translational Research in Europe Annual Meeting
Several members of the FAST-PATH Consortium attended and presented at the annual PCTRE meeting in Malmo, Sweden, organised locally by Prof. Anders Bjartell from Lund University. The meeting was well attended, with approximately 170 delegates from the prostate cancer community, and complemented the core efforts of the FAST-PATH programme with a focus on clinically relevant biomarkers and drug development.

Prof. William Gallagher (pictured below), the coordinator of the FAST-PATH programme, introduced the audience to FAST-PATH in a talk entitled 'FAST-PATH EU Project' on Friday the 28th of June. Prof. William Watson, also from UCD in Ireland, chaired a session focusing on Integrating Biomarkers into Clinical Utility (pictured below right).

Three FAST-PATH fellows presented their scientific work at the meeting in the following poster presentations: 
  • Accelerating Image Analysis in Digital Pathology by High Performance Computing, Peter Bankhead, Yinhai Wang, Peter Hamilton 
  • Automatic Registration of Multi-Modal Microscopy Images for Integrative Analysis of Prostate Cancer Tissue Specimens, Giuseppe Lippolis, Anders Edsjö, Leszek Helczynski, Anders Bjartell, Niels Chr Overgaard 
  • Evaluation of Novel Protein Interactions with the Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer using Proximity Ligation Assay, Gillian O'Hurley, Agata Zieba, Amanda O'Neill, Miriam Lynn, R. William Watson, William M Gallagher, Fredrik Pontén
          Prof. William Gallagher (UCD) at the PCTRE 2013                              Prof. William Watson (UCD) at the PCTRE

26th June 2013: Project Progress Meeting
Lund University hosted a very productive and enjoyable progress meeting in Malmo, Sweden. The FAST-PATH fellows gave updates on their work to date and plans were made for the coming few months, including the mid-term review meeting in Dublin in September.

December 18th 2012: Annual Project Meeting
QUB and PATHXL hosted the annual project meeting in Belfast on 18th of December 2012. The Consortium discussed the progress made so far with the project along with future planned project experimentation, secondments and recruitments. It was a highly productive meeting for all concerned and a further progress report meeting was arranged for June 26th in Malmo, Sweden.

October 2012: Project Consortium Agreement Implemented
In October 2012 the project Consortium agreed upon and signed this document. The agreement outlines how the project will be managed and how intellectual property will be owned, accessed and commercialised. The two SMEs involved in this project were the main drivers of this agreement. 

September 2012: OncoMark produce Project Brochure
OncoMark Ltd created a brochure for the project, to advertise the project and their contribution. Please see below for .pdf brochure with an overview of the FAST-PATH project. 

December 7th 2011: Project Kick-off Meeting
UCD and OncoMark hosted a project kickoff meeting in Dublin on 7th of December 2011. At this meeting the consortium discussed the FAST-PATH project in detail, including the planned project experimentation, secondments and recruitments.

Oct/Nov 2011: FAST-PATH Grant Agreement Signed and Project Starts
Fast-Path Consortium members mark the commencement of work on project milestones by the signing the Grant Agreement to the Marie Curie project contract. The FAST-PATH project officially starts in November 2011.

October /November 2011: EU webpage
The FAST-PATH project was described in the following webpage: EU Webpage

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