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Queen's University

QUB is a broadly-based, research-driven university with world-leading research centres, in areas ranging from cancer studies, physics and digital telecommunications. The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) within Queen’s is a £22 million, interdisciplinary research centre with over 300 clinical and basic researchers committed to the highest quality of research excellence ( The Cancer Bioimaging and Informatics (CBI) forms a key element of the CCRCB research programme and in 2008 received strategic investment of £1.4 million to build infrastructure and support the Cancer research programme under the leadership of Professor Peter Hamilton ( The aim is to deliver high quality peer reviewed research of international standing and translate this into practice through licensing and spin-out opportunities. A key focus of the CBI team is tissue-based imaging using computer vision and high performance computing, as a means of supporting tissue-based research and diagnostic pathology practice. The team is developing novel ideas in digital pathology in tumour pattern recognition and high throughput analysis of TMAs.