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Lund University

Lund University is represented by two departments, the Center for Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Clinical Sciences. The Dept of Sciences, Urological Division is one of 42 independent groups at the department of Clinical Sciences located at Skåne University Hospital campus Malmö. The research group consists of one professor (Anders Bjartell), two post doc, four PhD students and one administrator. The group has wide network in terms of prostate cancer research with connections to The Netherlands, Finland, New York, USA and Innsbruck as well as Ireland and The United Kingdom. The group has participated in several EU projects since 1996. Current projects are Pro-Nest ( and ProspeR ( The research group has several research activities related to prostate cancer and imaging (1) Time-resolved fluorescence imaging for a quantitative and specific detection of antigens, (2) immunohistochemistry on prostate TMAs, (3) Confocal laser scanning microscopy based on immunoflourescence of cancer cells (4) In vivo imaging for immunodetection of tumour cells in xenografts and metastasis in mice, (5) In situ-hybridisation for detection of mRNA in cells/ FFPE sections and (6) incorporation of tissue marker discoveries in clinical prediction models in prostate cancer patients