FAST-PATH aims to establish a long-term, strategic partnership between four academic and two industrial organisations across three European countries. The primary motivation behind this collaborative effort is to investigate biomarkers of prostate cancer via the advanced digital pathology methods to be developed and applied during this research programme. We believe that important advances in the digital pathology arena will come from the collaborative efforts between the different academic organisations and companies taking part in this initiative. Transfer of knowledge between academic and industrial sectors will be a key focus of FAST-PATH, exemplified as follows:

Academic Partners

UCD Conway Institute, University College Dublin

UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research is a multi-disciplinary centre for research located on the Belfield campus of University College Dublin, the largest university in Ireland. UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular  &  Biomedical Research is a community of researchers exploring cell and systems biology for creative solutions in human disease. Read more>>


Queen's University Belfast

QUB is a broadly-based, research-driven university with world-leading research centres, in areas ranging from cancer studies, physics and digital telecommunications. The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) within Queen’s is a £22 million, interdisciplinary research centre with over 300 clinical and basic researchers committed to the highest quality of research excellence. The Cancer Bioimaging and Informatics (CBI) forms a key element of the CCRCB research programme and in 2008 received strategic investment of £1.4 million to build infrastructure and support the Cancer research programme under the leadership of Professor Peter Hamilton. Read more>>

Lund University

Lund University is represented by two departments, the Center for Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Clinical Sciences. The Dept of Sciences, Urological Division is one of 42 independent groups at the department of Clinical Sciences located at Skåne University Hospital campus Malmö. The research group consists of one professor (Anders Bjartell), two post doc, four PhD students and one administrator. The group has wide network in terms of prostate cancer research with connections to The Netherlands, Finland, New York, USA and Innsbruck as well as Ireland and The United Kingdom. The group has participated in several EU projects since 1996. Current projects are Pro-Nest ( and ProspeR ( Read more>>

Uppsala University

Uppsala University is represented by the Department of Genetics and Pathology. The antibody-based proteomics group at the department involves 27 researchers and has been set up for protein profiling in tissues and cells. The group is one major part of the Human Protein Atlas project and also provides for a tissue profiling center as part of Science for Life, Uppsala, funded by the strategic grants from the Swedish government. The group is closely connected to the Department of Clinical Pathology, and can produce TMA, automated IHC, digital imaging.  Read more>> 

SME Partners

OncoMark Ltd.

OncoMark Ltd.  is a private company based in NovaUCD Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre on UCD Belfield campus. OncoMark's activities are centred on the development and application of biomarker panels, particularly in the areas of oncology and drug development. A major focus of the company is to provide the link from -omic level discovery to validation via the use of multiplex antibody-based assays and high-throughput tissue microarray screening. Read more>>


PathXL is a private company focused on delivering high quality software solutions for virtual microscopy in the health sciences, biomedical, veterinary and pharmaceutical sectors. The company is made up of a team of highly skilled software developers, sales and customer support staff which develops and supports a rapidly growing set of products and services for virtual microscopy and digital pathology. PathXL  is a mature spin-out from Queen's University of Belfast and is closely allied to researchers in the Centre for Cancer Research and also a team of experienced pathologists from the Belfast Hospitals Trust. Read more>>