Welcome to Omro High School's Student Council Page.

 Student Council is a form of student government. There is a President, Vice President, & 4 members from each class who are elected by their classmates each spring. Student Council members are expected to be excellent role models for the other students at OHS and are your voice in what goes on in your school. A member must be willing to work on various events and try to get more students involved with school spirit.  They are responsible for organizing the Homecoming & Winterfest events, the Halloween Dance, the Thanksgiving food drive, Hush Hearts & Shush Shamrocks, the Volleyball tournament, the Girls Powderpuff Football Game, and much more. They also attend Student Council meetings at least once per month.


 Jennifer Scovronski (Math Teacher) Contact at jscov@omro.k12.wi.us / ext. 193 

Tara Parkhurst (Social Studies Teacher) Contact at tpark@omro.k12.wi.us /ext. 111