Micro-Society Overview

One of the goals of education is to help students prepare for the real world. In order to create more of these opportunities, the Junior High will develop new entities which will be part of an expanded SBO. School-based partners, such as the PTO, the Elementary School, Cheerleading Squad and the Athletics Department will participate in these new entities.

The new entities will be developed and put into place over the next few weeks. We will post more information over the next couple of weeks, but please view the slideshow below for additional information.

The new entities will be:
  • Abigail Adams Aesthetic Association (AAAA): Responsible for maintaining and developing the schools recycling program as well as helping to create a sense of aesthetic ownership of the school and its grounds.
  • John Adams Court System: Will adjudicate cases where students have been accused of not living up to our characteristics listed under our pillars of Citizenship and Moral Excellence.
  • Alexander Hamilton  Memorial Bank: Will issue and control school currency supply; provide student banking services; work with other agencies to collect fees, pay salaries, make transfer payments.
  • Thomas Paine Memorial Gazette: School newspaper which will feature ads from student businesses, original artwork and written pieces, news and sports articles.
  • Washington Mall: The school store which will feature products and services from student businesses and school organizations. Items will be priced in school currency; however, some items for sale will require cash.
  • Oquirrh Mounties: Student "peace officers"who will issue citations to students who violate our school Pillars of Moral Excellence and Citizenship.
The application to be a part of the leadership teams may be downloaded from the link below. Please return them to the SBO Secretary (Brad Marks) by February 3rd!

You may also view a slideshow regarding the Micro-Society by clicking below.
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