Dress Code Annoucencements

posted Dec 5, 2011, 8:12 AM by Unknown user

Dress code violations will be addressed in first period. No hoodies of any kind are allowed once school begins.  If you have one on after morning greet, teachers will collect it and take it to the office. You will need to pick it up from the office after school.  On the second offense, your parents will be notified and they will need to come and pick it up from the office for you.

If there is any dress code violations that need to be addressed with a call to home then you will go to the office until it is taken care of. 

All cell phones, i-Pods and other electronics must be turned off and put away.  Any device seen during regular school hours will be sent to the office.  They can be picked up after school by the student on the first offense and the parent on every offense after that.

Also part of the dress code now: young men can't have ear rings and young women are limited to one pair of earrings.  Contacts need to be natural eye color. 

Dress Code applies to all sports teams, cheerleaders and other school groups on game or activity days.

Please review the dress code with your parents and make sure you are following it.