Improving your Chess

There are no real "shortcuts" to improving your chess playing ability, but the following will point you in the right direction.

--study chess at least a half hour a day
--play against people who are better than you (ask them to point out your mistakes)
--study lots of tactics
--when analyzing a game, don't move the pieces on the board, just move them in your mind
--learn the opening principles, but don't worry about memorizing opening moves
--slllllloooooow doooooowwwwwwn
--record your moves, so you can go over your games later and analyze your play
--while playing a game, analyze every check and every capture on the board
--play over complete games which use openings that you like and play
--come by on Wednesday nights and ask for instruction from Mike Gooch, Joe Knapp, Drew Thyden or others.

Recommended Books for Beginners: (books with * are available at the Omaha Public Library)
A World Champion's Guide to Chess by Polgar
Chess Tactics for Students* by Bain
Chess for Dummies* by Eade
Simple Checkmates* by Gilliam
Chess Kids Book of Tactics* by MacEnulty
Beginning Chess by Pandolfini
A World Champion's Guide to Chess by Polgar

Recommended Books for Intermediate Players:
Winning Chess Tactics for Champions by Polgar
303 Tricky Chess Tactics by Wilson
202 Surprising Checkmates by Wilson
My System by Nimzovich
Logical Chess* by Chernov
Winning Chess Strategies* by Seirawan
Pandolfini's Endgame Course by Pandolfini

Recommended Books for Serious Players:
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate by Reinfeld
1001 Brilliant Chess Sacrifices and Combinations by Reinfeld
Sharpen Your Tactics* by Lein
Best Lessons of a Chess Coach* by Weeramantry
How to Reassess your Chess by Silman
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy by Watson
Think Like a Grandmaster by Kotov
The Art of Attack

Most of these books are available through the Omaha Chess Community lending library. A $20 deposit or equivalent donation is required to borrow books. Email Drew Thyden with questions. A list of available books is attached to this page in pdf format.

John Hartmann,
Sep 28, 2014, 5:57 PM