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Day Two and a Bee Club meeting

posted Feb 19, 2011, 4:08 PM by T Sandoval
What a whirlwind weekend this is turning out to bee.

Getting the website and facebook page up and running and having the monthly bee club meeting.  Keeps me hopping this club does.

Had a TERRIFIC meeting today.  We had five new members come to the meeting, with a total of twelve members.  This brings our total active Bee Club membership to eighteen members who have been active within the past three months.  That is great.

We got to hear a really good presentation on queen castles by member and mentor Joe Strecker. (video of his presentation is on the Pics and Videos page).  After that, talk stayed focused on queen raising in general.

We had a lot of new magazines and information added to the club library by member Steve Pilcher.  Thank you Steve.  Please keep in mind that we can always use more materials to have available to the membership.  Think of those old books and magazines you have stacked up somewhere or maybe buy two copies of that new book or magazine and send that to the club library. 

See everyone at the next Bee Club meeting in March.  Bee there or Bee square.