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BBE-Tech is seeking new "Bee Team" members

posted Jun 5, 2011, 7:57 PM by T Sandoval
BBE-Tech has a few slots open for beekeepers who would like to be on their "Bee Team".  A "Bee Team" member is a sub-contractor/agent who helps pick up the overflow of swarm calls when there are too many for BBE-Tech to handle.

What are the benefits of being on the "Bee Team"?

If you really like to collect bee swarms and you find it an affordable way to grow your apiary, you can choose to keep the bees you catch from the BBE-Tech Swarm Call  Keep as many as you want or need.  When you have all the swarms you want and you have no need for more in your own bee yard...

You can turn the captured swarm over to BBE-Tech and receive monetary compensation for collecting the swarm on our behalf.  So if you have all the bees you want or need but still like the thrill of the hunt", you can collect bee swarms on behalf of BBE-Tech in response to the numerous service calls we receive and make some money for turning the bees over to BBE-Tech.

Contact Tony Sandoval at BBE-Tech today to get on the BBE-Tech "Bee Team" and help BBE-Tech help keep bees alive in the Omaha/Metro area.  402-740-1454