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Building Better Beekeepers To Bring Better Bees
The more you know, the better you bee.

2014, the year to "Bee Feisty".

Welcome to the Omaha Bee Club.  We are here to help area beekeepers bee successful.  Our member beekeepers can be found in Douglas County, Sarpy County, Washington County and Pottawatomie County.

Please look through all of the various pages on our website as we provide information and resources in a wide variety of areas relating to bees and beekeeping in the Omaha/Metro area.

You can e-mail the Omaha Bee Club at  For presentations, please email Bob Cook

Quick info:  2014 Membership Costs (annual) - $15.00 individual (age 19 and older) or $20.00 for 'family/group' (2 adults age 19 or older and any minors under 19).  

To join the Omaha Bee Club, please download and complete this form and turn it in at any future Omaha Bee Club meeting that you are able to attend or you can mail it to us. 

Membership forms and dues can be mailed to the Omaha Bee Club at:

Omaha Bee Club
4089 So 84 St.  #211
Omaha, NE 68127

You can contact the Omaha Bee Club by phone at: TBA

Please look over the "Bee Club Schedule" (link on the left) to see what will bee happening at upcoming meetings.  The Bee Club Calendar page also has information for the meeting each month.

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Are you an Omaha Area Beekeeper?  Do you want to be?

The Omaha Bee Club has a lot to offer the Omaha/Metro area beekeeper.

First and foremost, we offer a great community of beekeepers.  There is nothing better that any bee club could give it's members than a community of experienced, knowledgeable and helpful beekeepers.  We have such a wide diversity in beekeepers in terms of types of hives used, management methods used and more.  We have beekeepers with experience ranging from brand new to over 45 years of experience all in the same room at each monthly meeting.  Each of them willing to help out their fellow beekeepers on the "Bee Buddies" directory.  The Omaha Bee Club maintains a group page and a private community/group on both Google Plus and on Facebook for members as well.

As if that weren't enough, The Omaha Bee Club makes a variety of shared resources available to members.  From being able to borrow, books, magazines, and videos from the bee club Library, to being able to borrow beekeeping equipment and protective gear from the Tool Shed and even are always working to make more resources available to our members so that they can bee successful.

Education is a big part of the Omaha Bee Club.  We offer a variety of beekeeping classes over the year and we run a Master Beekeeper program to ensure that our Master Beekeepers are able to be Ambassadors of Beekeeping and able to answer questions and do the things that newbees, students, and everyone else expects a Master Beekeeper to know and do.  As a matter of fact, the Omaha Bee Club also holds the largest educational beekeeping events in the area ever year with our Bee Fest and now the Great Plains Beekeepers Workshop held in August.

The Omaha Bee Club also collaborates with other community agencies and groups in order to make the Omaha/Metro area a safer, more healthy environment for bees.  We work with the Papio-NRD, UNL Extension services, area garden clubs and more to help people know what they can plant and how to use integrated Pest Management methods and products to reduce pesticide poisoning and provide abundant, high quality forage resources for bees in the area.

Last but not least, the Omaha Bee Club collaborates with local government and commercial land and property management departments in order to capture swarms and perform live removals of honey bees and bumblebees instead of having those bees exterminated.  If it's possible to do the removals at no cost to the partner who called us, we will do it at no cost.  However, there are times that a fee is collected due to a need for special equipment and/or needing to bring in a pest control professional specializing in bees in the event that the bees are or become agitated so as to become a public safety concern.

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