Executive Board & Steering Committee

The Coalition's Steering Committee and Executive Board jointly manage and administer the affairs of the Coalition in service to the entire community of Olympia neighborhoods.

The Executive Board is comprised of members elected by the Steering Committee and include a Chair and Vice Chair, a Secretary, a Communications Coordinator, and a Programs and Events Coordinator. 

 The Steering Committee is made of one official representative per association. 

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NameRoleNeighborhood Association
NameRoleNeighborhood Association
Denise Pantelis CNA Chair Cain Road Area NA 
Jennifer Davis  CNA Secretary  South Capitol NA 
Marty Worcester  CNA Secretary  Redwood Estates HOA 
Dave Marty  CNA Vice Chair Indian Creek NA 
Jay Elder Member Bigelow NA 
Bob Jones Member Goldcrest NA 
Bob Jacobs  Member Governor Stevens NA 
Melissa Allen  Member Bigelow Highlands NA 
Clydia Cuykendall Member Ward Lake Heights NA 
Mark Toy  Member South West Olympia NA 
Larry Dzieza Member Nottingham NA 
Tim Kenny  Member Downtown NA 
Todd Cutts  Member Downtown Business Alliance  
Jacque Ellis  Member Castlewood NA 
Bruce Coulter  Member Northwest NA 
Don Law  Member East Bay Drive NA 
Jim Sweeney  Member Eastside NA 
Showing 17 items