Presentation Requests

Thanks for your interest in bringing an issue to Olympia’s neighborhood leaders.  Based on how well your request meets the criteria the Coalition has established, the Coalition’s Steering Committee will make a decision on whether or not to grant your request. The primary criteria are listed below. These criteria are only guidelines so you know what we’ll be looking for in your request.

The list of priority themes is included so you have a sense of the kind of issues neighborhood leaders have expressed an interest in. However, even if your issue or request doesn’t fall under one of these themes, we still want to hear from you. We just ask you to include information about why your issue would be of interest to neighborhoods in your request. 

  • Serves the Coalition’s mission 
  • The topic is of wide interest to neighborhoods
  • A specific action is being requested of Coalition members
  • The topic is timely and relevant 
  • The topic is appropriate for full Coalition consideration
  • The topic fits within these priority themes:
    • Downtown
    • Land use/zoning
    • Local government process
    • Parks and recreation
    • Pedestrian/bicycle issues             
    • Public safety
    • Transportation             
    • Waterfront
In drafting your request, please remember that the Coalition does not make endorsements or take positions on any issue. The Coalition provides a forum for individuals and community organizations to present topics to neighborhood association leaders, and ask for their help and support. 

The Coalition prefers issues it can discuss and take action on rather to information-only presentations. Please think about ways to encourage interaction about your issue. Just follow these steps to make your request:
  1. Review the criteria and process the Coalition adopted to consider and act on requests
  2. Fill out the CNA Presentation Request Form (Word)
  3. Include any additional information, handouts, copies of presentations you plan to make, etc. and include them with your request
  4. Email your request to or send a hard copy to the address at the bottom of the form.
If our meeting schedule does not allow you to bring your issue before the Coalition in a timely way, you can request to send information to all the members of our listserv by sending an email to If the Steering Committee decides that your information is relevant to the group, they will accept the message and post it to the group. This can take several days, so please factor that in when sending emails. If the Steering Committee decides your message is not relevant or appropriate to send to the group, you will be notified and given an opportunity to challenge the decision.

How requests from the community are addressed (PDF) - decision/process flowchart.

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Jun 12, 2009, 3:21 PM
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Jun 12, 2009, 3:07 PM
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Jan 21, 2009, 7:45 AM