Illegal Signs

The City of Olympia's Code Enforcement office is responsible for
Sandwich boards that meet Olympia's sign ordinances
cing laws relating to sign placement. CNA is interested in
educating our members about illegal signs and keeping track of ongoing problems in order to help the City with this, sometimes low, priority. Attached below is a document with information about what constitutes illegal signage.

To report an illegal sign to CNA, please email: olysignsgonewild with information about location, problem, and photograph where possible.

In addition, we'd be welcome information about signs that cause aesthetic or safety problems. The City is in the early
stages of updating its sign ordinances. Your input at this
stage can help inform the new ordinance.                                    These sandwich boards meet Olympia's sign standards.
Illegal Sign Examples

This sign doesn't leave 4 ft for the public right-of-way.
Signs located too far from the business they are advertise are not permitted. They must be within 20 ft of the related business.
Feather signs aren't singled out in current code, but proliferate. In this case, the sign is too far from the business it is advertising.
Peter Guttchen,
Oct 31, 2015, 4:00 PM