Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Lady of Victories School.

Espanol - Kindergarten - 6th Grade
    The primary and secondary grades use Muy Bien as a secondary Language program incorporating the natural approach as well as total physical response. The goal is to achieve a proficient level of listening, speaking, reading and writing of the Spanish language.

Espanol - 7th - 8th Grade
    7th grade uses Spanish is Fun Book A that makes communication in Spanish a natural, personalized, enjoyable, and rewarding experience. It is visually focused and students can relate the context and skills to their everyday lives. Lessons develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading,writing, and culture.
    8th grade uses Spanish is Fun Book 1 that provides all necessary elements for a first year course. Materials are visually focused so students can speak about their daily lives, express opinions, and supply information.Culture capsules follow each lesson.

      Computers Skills

Kindergarten students focus on basic technology skills with a focus on mouse skills, typing, and basic word processing.     


7th Grade - Lesson 9 Quiz Spanish Adjectives Thursday, May 12th

8th Grade - Lesson 13 Quiz Friday on tener expressions May 13th