Welcome to Miss Aker's 4th Grade Classroom!

What is happening this week? 
Halloween Day: Students are allowed to dress as Saints or characters from the Bible for school.

Students may bring in a snack tomorrow afternoon for a Halloween party.

Please send in $12 for chrome book cases.

Students have a Spanish Test Tuesday!

I have created a new website!
Religion: This week we learning about hope and different ways that we can bring hope to others. We will be taking a test on Thursday.

Math: We are learning about the Distributive property and reviewing multiplication.

Reading/Language Arts: We will have a spelling quiz on Friday. We are learning about making judgements, comparing/contrasting, and compound subjects and predicates. We will begin reading Kai's Journey to Gold Mountain.

Science: We are learning all about earthquakes. This week, our focus will be what causes earthquakes, where do earthquakes occur, and how does

Social Studies: We are finishing up week 3 newspapers and taking an open note test on Thursday.