General Information & Helpful Tips

General Information:

*Hot Lunch-  If you would like to order hot lunch... you can begin ordering lunch using the Montalbano's Website. Here is the link to the instructions on how to create an account.

* If you are interested in making goody bags for the children at some point for birthdays or holidays the total count of children for our class is 16

*All special class party treats must be PEANUT & TREENUT FREE .

* If you would like to volunteer for lunch duty , please contact the office so that you can coordinate a date to take the safe environment class. They will not allow you to do duty until you take the class.

*Please let me or the office know in advance if someone else will be picking your child up at dismissal. IDENTIFICATION will be checked at the door.

*If your child is absent , please send in a note the day that they return to school.

* Every Friday towels will be sent home. Please wash and return them for use every Monday.

* Please send your child in with rubber sole shoes - they will need comfortable shoes for the playground or gym . 

* I ask that you dress the children in layers as the weather changes. We have radiant heat in the classroom and it tends to get warm. 

We will continue to work on these skills in school to prepare your child for Kindergarten. 

name writing first and last name 
letter & number writing
letter/number recognition
letter sounds
compound words/syllables 
sight words
proper grip
rhyming words
positional words
parts of a sentence
phonemic awareness 
parts of a book- author, illustrator, front & back cover, pages 

Handwriting without tears at home: 
*use a small crayon or short pencil to reinforce the natural tripod grip 
*If you notice your child is tracing or forming letters from the bottom please correct them. Always begin at the top. 
When forming the letters please use specific hwt vocabulary - big line, little line, big curve, little curve. 

Have Fun Learning At Home! 

A lot of parents were wondering what they can do to reinforce what we are learning in school. The best advice is to make it fun! Children like to learn while playing. 

Here are some fun activities you can do at home! 

  • Go on a letter/number hunt around the house
  • Read stories before bedtime
  • Build with letter blocks and point out the letters you see 
  • Magnetic letters for the fridge 
  • Put shaving cream, sand or flour on a tray and have your child write letters, numbers, shapes using their fingers. 
  • Let your child help you cook because cooking involves measuring and counting 
  • Count things around the house
  • Have children point out patterns they find (on their clothing, blankets etc.)
  • Fine motor skills- children can use tweezers, tear pieces of construction paper, play dough, lacing cards, opening clothes pins, scissor cutting 
  • You can find these activities on pinterest and on many preschool websites.
If you would like to work on your child's reading skills we recommend the BOB books. Here is a link:

Welcome Back

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Welcome to Prek-4. Looking forward to a great year! 

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