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My name is Luke McKenna, and 

I am your Commissioner General for the 
2016-2017 school year. 
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Upcoming Events &


OLQA 2017-2018 
Student Council Election Information

May 2nd (Tuesday): 
All Student Council Members Meet in the 
Parish Hall at 12:45 to Practice Speeches
May 3rd (Wednesday): 
All Student Council Members  
Meet in the Parish Hall at 7:30am

Council Members Give Speeches to Students Describing their Positions. 
(This will be explained to Student Council 
on Thursday, 3/30/17 and the speeches will be due on Thursday 4/6/17)

Thursday, May 4th & Friday, May 5th: 
Voter Registration (Student Council Executive Board Will Work Registration Post - Set Up by 10am)

May 11th (Thursday): Everyone Running for Student Council Meet in 7A at 1:45pm


May 15th (Monday):  Campaign Begins
 Posters Up (NOT before 7:30am) & Campaign Speeches
May 16th (Tuesday): Posters Need to be Taken Down by 2:45pm
May 19th (Friday):  Luke Announces Election Results at 2:30pm
May 24th (Wednesday): 2017-2018 Student Council Inauguration

 (Last Day for 2016-2017 Student Council is Wednesday, May 24th)


2017 Student Council May Crowning 

Schedule for May 15th, 16th, 17th & 18th

May 15th @ 7:30am - Practice in Spanish/Art Room
May 16th @ 7:30am - Practice in Spanish/Art Room
May 17th @ 7:30am - Practice in Spanish/Art Room
May 18th @ 8:30am - May Crowning Mass (please be at school before 8:00am)

A Message from Senora Bertagni:

Dear Student Council Parents,


Thursday, May 18th, is the May Crowning Mass at 8:30 AM. The Student Council Members 

2016- 2017 will be participating in the Mass. We invite you to attend as well. 


To prepare for this church celebration, we are asking all girls to bring their dresses to school this coming week that they will be wearing that day to be checked. Dresses are to be one inch below the tip of the fingers (as close to the knee as possible). They may wear sleeveless dresses but have no cleavage showingShoes need to be closed-toed and flat please.


Boys are to wear dress pants, dress shoes, dress shirt, and a tie or bow tie.


Boys and girls are to bring their school uniform to change into after the ceremony.


Thank you so much for helping us make this day special and respectful for this occasion.


Have a wonderful day!

God bless you!





PS: Student Council will practice:

     May 15th, 16thand 17th at 7:30 AM

     Spanish/Art Room

     May 18th - be in Spanish/Art Room 

     before 8:00am - Mass Starts at 8:30am


Our Lady Queen of Angels

May Crowning, Thursday, May 18th 2017

8:30am Mass


Procession at the Beginning of Mass

• Cross bearer with candle bearers
• Student Council members carrying gladiolas
• Second grade students, dressed in the First Communion clothes
• Bier with statue of Mary (4 boys carry)
• Lectors
• Priest



• Second graders will fill the four front pews on each side of the center aisle.  They will not genuflect or bow to the altar while walking. Instead, they will bow as priest genuflects.  
• Student Council members sit in the place closest to the center aisle in pews 1 to 16.
•  Grade Students (2) carrying roses will sit in 1st pew beside the Student Council member.


End of Mass

• During the closing hymn five Student Council members will walk to the Cantors Stand.
• Leader #1 Luke McKenna

                     Please kneel.  (Wait until motion stops…)

For many hundreds of years, the Rosary has been a special prayer of the Catholic Church.  When we think about the mysteries of the Rosary, we are coming closer to Mary, who was the closest person to Jesus.  As our heavenly mother, she teaches us about her Son, Jesus.  Let us unite our hearts with hers and ask her Son to help us in all that we do.  As we pray this decade of the Rosary, the leader will say the first half of the prayer. Please respond together with the second half of each.  (Pause…)
• Leader #2 Parker Awad
In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen
The fifth Glorious Mystery, the Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth.
Our Father…
Hail Mary (once)
• Leader #3 Kristen Pang

               Hail Mary (three times)

• Leader #4 Ellie Carolan
Hail Mary (three times)
• Leader #5 Lauren Shepherd
Hail Mary (three times)

                    Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in

                     the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.                                                                          

   In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen

• All leaders bow toward the altar and return to their places.  




• Ave Maria is played/ sung as the Student Council members stand in their pews and form an arch with their gladiolas.  
• Walking through the arch are the Commissioner of Religious Affairs Kristen Pang (carrying the floral crown) and her escort the General-Commissioner Luke McKenna
• The Religious-Commissioner crowns the statue of Mary.She and her escort remain near the statue and kneel.
• A Student Council member (Lauren Shepherd) leads the Prayer of Consecration from the Cantors Stand by saying: 
• Please join me in the Prayer of Consecration (Assembly is still kneeling):

Mary, you are our Mother and our Queen.

We offer ourselves entirely to you.

As a sign of our devotion, we consecrate to you our complete being.

Accept the gift of ourselves, and guard us with your motherly protection.



• Cantors will announce the closing song.  All will stand to sing.
• During the song, the 2nd grade class flowers are brought forward and given to the Commissioner and her escort who will place them near the statue of Mary.


• Departing Procession


1st: Bier with statue of Mary.
2ndSecond grade students.
3rdStudent Council members carrying gladiolas.
4th: All classes depart as usual toward the school. 
5th: Parents



Thursday, March 30th at 7:30am in the Junior High Courtyard

Please arrive at 7:25am



Palm Sunday, April 9th

Holy Thursday, April 13th 

Good Friday, April 14th 

Easter Vigil  April 15th

Easter Sunday, April 16th

Easter Vacation

Minimum Day: Holy Thursday, April 13th

No School: Good Friday, April 14th

No School Monday, April 17th - Friday, April 21st


Eighth Grader's Washington DC Trip

Monday, April 24th - Friday, April 28th

The following Student Council members will be in Washington DC:

Luke McKenna 
Ellie Carolan
Kristen Pang 
Lauren Shepherd
Ashlee Morales
Hannah Jervis
Abby Hampton
Reese Wineroth
Cloe Hughes
Alice Pancake
Ryan Joshi


 Thank you Student Council for a Successful Basket Raffle!


Thank you Student Council for all of your hard work on the 2016

Our Lady Queen of Angels


The Jingle Voice