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Week pf 2/12-216

FORMAL MASS 9 AM Wed., 2/14 of this week.  Ash Wednesday. 

NO HOT LUNCH ON Wed., 2/12.  Bring your bag lunches that day.

Fri., 2/16--Dress Down Day.  Remember your donation if you are dressing down.


Enjoy your week off.


Quizzes this week: 

Mon., 2/12----

8.2—Sections 1.11.2 

Fri., 2/16

6----Sections 7.4-7.6 

7.1—Sections 6.7-6.9 

7.2---Sections 5.4-5.5 

8.1—Sections 9.1-9.4

8.2—Sections 1.3-1.4


Image result for math clipart

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