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Kindergarten is a nice place to be.  Each day we find time to work and to play.  Religion, language arts, and math topics are addressed on a regular basis.  We also like to do an occasional science experiment and learn about our community and the world in which we live.  
Weekly Masses and first Friday Masses are attended by all the children in our school.  Our main focus in Religion is Jesus and how we can be more like Him.  The classroom teachers encourage ARKs, or random acts of kindness.  We have collected items for a local animal shelter, made cards for folks in a nearby assisted living facility, and donated gently used clothes and toys to those in need.  We wrote letters to Mary and left them at her altar, and we learn lots of songs of praise.
Many of us are challenged by calendar questions that are asked, and there is a test at the end of each math chapter.  We feel like the big kids when we do these things!  We've talked about numbers, shapes and graphs in math.  We use a number line and table top manipulatives to help in understanding concepts taught.  For many, this is a favorite subject.
Of course we are learning to read.  We practice all the letters and their sounds, spend lots of time with vowels and making word families, have a vocab list on our wall that continues to grow, and listen to stories.  We like hearing lots of animal stories! The story of Julius made us laugh.  He was a funny pig.  When we heard about Platypus, we were reminded to take care of our things.  Another character, Marcel, taught us how to be a good friend.  We get to visit other classes and read little booklets to them.  The students in those rooms always clap for us which makes us proud.  We keep a journal.  Our teacher says that we will see a big difference in our writing from the beginning of the year compared to those we write at the end of the year.  We use inventive spelling but sound out words.
Each month, we have a sharing day.  It is our day to be the leader and the helper.  It is something like show and tell but the topic is assigned.  We have shared fall activities and pictures, beginning book reports, information about our families (heritage month), jokes, and nursery rhymes and poems.      
We seem to learn about someone new all the time.  When there is a holiday, we find out why we celebrate the special day.  We've heard about Labor Day, Columbus, the pilgrims and Native Americans, Christmas, Martin Luther King, St. Valentine, St. Patrick, and Earth day.  Dissecting seeds, learning about color and light, seeing whether things would float or sink, and learning all about our five senses was fun.  The words we hear are sometimes big and hard to remember, but we like saying them.  So far, observation has been our favorite part of the scientific process.
There are two moms that occasionally do art masters with us.  Mr. Adam visited and taught us about ecology. We learned how to stand at attention and properly salute the flag with Mr. Mark.  There is an outdoor field trip planned for the end of the year.  We look forward to field day at our own school too.  
Our teacher emails our parents each week telling them what we've done, words we've learned, what skills were taught, what we need to work on at home, and what is needed for art projects and activities in the classroom.  We enjoy learning new things and having visitors in our classroom.  We are having someone from Mexico visit this month!  Since people say our "minds are like sponges," come share your talents with us.  
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