September 17th-21st

NEXT week is STREAM week! First grade is incorporating our apples unit into this theme, including doing an experiment based upon Catholic scientist Joseph Priestly, who discovered the process of oxidation.  In order to do our many experiments, as well as make applesauce in class, please send in two or three WASHED apples by next Monday, the 24th.  I would like to have a variety for taste testing as well as our experiments.  Thanks so much!


Read a minimum of 10 minutes every night, and sign the reading log page on Friday.  You may use the bag of books, or may read books from home to supplement.  I have tried to assign book bags that will be at or slightly below your child's reading level.  It is much better for independent reading, building confidence, and fluency to have books that your child can read.  If the books are still difficult, you could take turns reading, could read the page chorally (both of you at the same time), or play the game "I read it and you repeat it while pointing to words."  This week, we are adding "Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey and Skippy Frog" to our decoding arsenal! A song book will be sent home in the next two weeks to help you practice at home. 

Spelling, math and word work - Please complete the math and word work worksheet. 

Our spelling patterns to practice this week are -ap and -ag words.  Also memorize the High Frequency Words listed on the back of your purple folder for this week.  We also decided to have one review word from the High Frequency Words from the previous week on our test.  

**Please keep your homework and reading page in your folder throughout the week.  I will remove them on Friday.

Use Reflex Math to practice math facts if you feel your child is ready.  We are beginning slowly.  Unfortunately, addition and subtraction facts are mixed, and we have not yet introduced subtraction.  If your child seems frustrated, feel free to wait awhile.

Make sure to return the empty purple home folder each day.  Please look over the work, make corrections if necessary and keep the papers at home.


Please make sure to return your purple Important Papers folder EVERY day!   Please take the time to go through papers with your children and help make corrections if necessary, then TAKE THE PAPERS OUT of this folder and keep them at home.  

Please send a healthy snack for the afternoon each day

Wear tennis shoes on Mondays and Fridays each week.

Return library books on Monday each week if you have not already returned them. ***Thank you for reminding your child to take their books directly to the library in the morning before entering the gym!!!

PLEASE make sure that all clothing items, backpacks and lunch boxes are clearly labeled with your child's name!  

Important Dates:

September 18th - School picture retakes - 5 pm - 7pm  *Sign up for a time online

September 24th - Send in two or three WASHED apples

September 24th-28th - STREAM week! 

September 25th - Mornings with Dad  

September 28th  ***STREAM night beginning at 5 pm!


October 18th - Field trip to Dr. Schauf's farm

                        *I will need several drivers/volunteers