August 15th-18th

Welcome to 1st Grade!!! This is our class website. It will be updated weekly after the first week or two of school. When updates are made a link will be sent to you via e-mail. On this page you will find information about classroom and school events as well as important details about your child's learning.  Further updates will take place soon!

Please return ALL LIBRARY BOOKS BY MONDAY.  Mrs. Schauwecker would like the library books returned the day BEFORE our class visits the library. If possible, have your child put them in the drop box outside the library on the way to the gym in the morning.


* PLEASE bring a HEALTHY snack for an afternoon learning break. 

Please return library books on Monday.

Please wear tennis shoes for P.E. (Monday and Friday).

Please return book bags and math homework on Friday (or the last day of school) each week!

PLEASE make sure that all clothing items, backpacks and lunch boxes are clearly labeled with your child's name!  We have already had many forgotten or missing items.


Read for 10-15 minutes EVERY NIGHT!  

Remember to return the book bags along with all other homework on Friday!


Complete the math page and return on Friday. 

Practice the vocabulary and spelling words for each week.


Log onto Connected: 


Important Dates: