Mrs. Wilcox's

Week in a Peek

We have a full week of school this week and much better weather in the forecast!

Please remember to monitor your child's health and keep them home if they exhibit any Covid symptoms. Please remember that a fever is not always a symptom of Covid.

Please remind your child about the importance of wearing their mask properly at school. It should be worn anytime they are out of their seat and should cover both their nose and mouth.

Many students wear masks that easily fall down, exposing their nose. Please be sure that your child wears a mask that fits properly when attending school.

Also, continue to remind them of the importance of social distancing especially while in line and at recess.

We will begin chapter 7 in math focusing on geometry.

In Religion we will be learning about the season of Lent, make Lenten promises and learn about the Stations of the Cross. We will participate in virtual Stations of the Cross each Friday during Lent at 2:15 p.m.

We will be learning about dental health this week in Science.

We continue to work on making connections to improve our comprehension skills. Please encourage your child to make connections when reading at home by asking them these questions: How is this story like something in your life? Does it make you think of another story you have read?

Raz-Kids: Go to or use the app. We share an account with Mrs. Smith's class so you will chose her name when logging in (Csmith116). If your child is in Title 1 go to Gsiebert. All students have the same Password: tigers20. This is a great resource for leveled reading books to help practice reading at home.

MyOn: Go to Your child's user name is their first name, last initial28. The password is Tigers20.

Reflex Math: You can now access this resource. Login information will be on the new November Words and Goals sheet. User name: tiger1wi and Password: first name (with an uppercase letter), last initial28 Example: Angelaw28.

Splash learn: Splash learn can be accessed from the website or as an app. I have assigned certain assignments. This is completely optional and not required at this time. Should we go to distance learning this may change so you may want to check it out sooner rather than later. The games are highly engaging and really help your child practice skills learned in class. CAUTION: Only the activities that I have assigned are free. If your child tries to play a game that has not been assigned to them it may ask for payment. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR THIS. I believe this is mostly an issue when using the app rather than the web-site. I will be assigning new games as we learn new skills in class.

Please use the websites and apps listed below to supplement instruction.


Each Monday homework will come home in your child's Home Folder. It will consist of a worksheet with word work to practice the spelling pattern on one side and math practice on the other. Eventually we may begin assigning these through SeeSaw. There are endless activities on SeeSaw that your child can complete on their device and then send to me. They can even record themselves reading! We want the students to learn how to use this resource and become comfortable with it as it will be a great tool for distance learning if we should have to move in that direction.

Please read a minimum of 10 minutes each night. You may use books from home log into MyOn or Raz-Kids using the login information on the August/September Words and Goals sheet on the back of your purple folder.


Please practice HFW and our spelling pattern. Both the Kindergarten HFW and the spelling patterns are listed on the Words and Goals sheet on the back of your child's purple Home Folder. This week's word pattern is long u (vowel-consonant-silent e) . Example spelling words include the following: cute, tune, rude, mule, flute, cube, mute, tube. We do not give a specific spelling list to memorize. We want the students to learn the pattern and not just memorize a list of words. I will always provide some example words to help you practice at home though! HFW for this week are: below, only, open, hold.


Practice making the Sign of the Cross correctly. Prayers that will be assessed throughout the year include: Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father and The Glory Be. Please practice these prayers at home and help your child memorize them.


Please make sure to return your purple Home Folder EVERY day! Please take the time to go through papers with your children and help make corrections if necessary, then TAKE THE PAPERS OUT of the folder and keep them at home.

Please send a healthy snack for the afternoon each day

Wear tennis shoes on Mondays and Fridays each week.

Return library books on Tuesday each week if you have not already returned them.

PLEASE make sure that all clothing items, backpacks and lunch boxes are clearly labeled with your child's name!

Important Dates:

Scholastic Book Orders

Click above to order online. Our class code is GPKBM

Awesome Websites



Csmith116 or Gsiebert2018 (Title 1 only)

Password: tigers20

Username: first name, last initial 28

(example: angelaw28)

Password: tigers20

HMH Into Reading (Coming Soon!)