Mrs. Wilcox's

Week in a Peek

Thank you for all the Teacher Appreciation gifts!!! It was a wonderful week and I am so grateful to all of you for your support! I am truly blessed to work with such amazing families.

Math: Two digit addition

In Religion: We Celebrate the Mass

We will continue centers and guided reading groups this week based on individual reading levels.

We will learn about fact and opinion, synonyms and antonyms and suffixes.

Remind your child to use their reading strategies when reading at home: eagle eye, lips the fish, chunky monkey, and stretchy snake.

Science: force and motion

MyOn: Go to Your child's user name is their first name, last initial29. The password is Tigers21.

Reflex Math: User name: tiger1W and Password: first name (with an uppercase letter), last initial29 Example: Angelaw29.

Please consider trying out RAZ-Kids! It is available on PC and there is an App available as well.

Please use the websites and apps listed below to supplement instruction.


Each Monday homework will come home in your child's Home Folder. It will consist of a worksheet with word work to practice the spelling pattern on one side and math practice on the other. This homework is due on Fridays.

I will also be sending home bags of books for your child to read each Monday. They will be a range of reading levels close to your child's reading level. You keep the bag all week and read them throughout the week. Please spend some time listening to your child read and/or reading with them each night.

****Both the homework page and bags of books are returned to school on Friday. If you complete the homework early you are welcome to put it in your child's purple folder but I will not remove it until Friday.

Please read a minimum of 10 minutes each night. You may also supplement with books from home or log into MyOn or Raz-Kids using the login information on the Words and Goals sheet on the back of your purple folder.


Please practice HFW and our spelling pattern. Both the Kindergarten HFW and the spelling patterns are listed on the Words and Goals sheet on the back of your child's purple Home Folder. This week's word pattern is au and aw. Example spelling words include the following: jaw, claw, draw, law, haul, haunt, fault, cause. We do not give a specific spelling list to memorize. We want the students to learn the pattern and not just memorize a list of words. I will always provide some example words to help you practice at home though! HFW for this week are: color, happy, second, without.


Practice making the Sign of the Cross correctly. Prayers that will be assessed throughout the year include: Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, Our Father and The Glory Be. Please practice these prayers at home and help your child memorize them.


Please make sure to return your purple Home Folder EVERY day! Please take the time to go through papers with your children and help make corrections if necessary, then TAKE THE PAPERS OUT of the folder and keep them at home.

Please send a healthy snack for the afternoon each day

Wear tennis shoes on Mondays and Fridays each week.

Return library books on Tuesday each week if you have not already returned them.

PLEASE make sure that all clothing items, backpacks and lunch boxes are clearly labeled with your child's name!

Important Dates:

May 11th – Spirit Day

May 25th – Last Day

Dismiss at 1 p.m.

Scholastic Book Orders

Click above to order online. Our class code is GPKBM

Awesome Websites



1. Click on: Kids Login

2. UserName: csmith116

3. Find name

4. Password: read

Username: first name, last initial 29

(example: angelaw29)

Password: tigers21

HMH Into Reading



Reflex Math :

User name: tiger1w

Password: first name (with uppercase letter), last initial29

Story Websites: