Weekly Curriculum

This week we will be learning about:

  • Religion: Parables
  • Math: Adding/Subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying a whole number x fraction, fractions-->decimals
  • Reading: Poetry unit
  • Writing: Dream House descriptive writing
  • Social Studies: branches of gov't., famous Missourians, prep for Capitol trip (May 2nd)
  • Science: states of water


**No School**


  • Religion: Mass
  • Math: Adding and subtracting mixed numbers - p. 302, 1-5, 11-15, 29
  • Writing: Spelling pre-test; write words in planner; rough draft
  • Social Studies: MO Gov't mobile-record info; due Wednesday
  • Science: States of Water (solid, liquid, gasses)


  • Religion: The Parable of the Birds of the Air and Lilies of the Field
  • Math: Decomposing fractions; multiplying whole number by fractions
  • Reading: Poetry Unit-intro to expectations and packet
  • Writing:
  • Social Studies: Famous Missourians
  • Science: States of Water (forms, particles, changes)


  • Religion: The parable of the Unmerciful Servant
  • Math: Fraction Review Flap Book
  • Reading: Acrostic poems and Couplets
  • Writing: Dream House Rough Draft
  • Social Studies: Missouri Weekly Week 27- CW puzzle & PQA
  • Science: States of Matter Lesson Review


  • Religion:
  • Math:
  • Reading:
  • Writing:
  • Social Studies:
  • Science: