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What are you reading this summer?

Jake's in the middle of Big Game by Stuart Gibbs.  He said he likes that it's a mystery but it's also funny.  
Next he plans to start Stuart Gibbs Spy School series.  He also recently read a graphic novel he bought at a landmark comic book store in Times Square, Midtown Comics.  6/16/17

Greta has been reading The Baby-Sitters Club by Raina Telgemeier. She's on chapter 12. She likes this book because it is a graphic novel. 6/17/17

Mrs. Lawler has been reading books her just-graduated girl gave her, along with some articles about teaching all kinds of learners. She's also reading up on introducing a new puppy to TJ. He needs a friend, but isn't good at making friends. 6/19/17

Claire is reading Auggie and Me - Three Wonder Stories. She has also made soooo much slime. She's been you tubing and finding all different kinds of recipes!  She even has her 3 year old brother addicted :) 6/20/17

Altar Server Training!!!

Altar Servers - Upcoming Training for NEW SERVERS

If you would like to train as a new Altar Server and you are presently entering 4th Grade (or older), please contact Paul Fell via phone or email to register for training.  If these dates must change due to weather or a time conflict, changes will be published in the Sundaybulletin (which is also available on-line in electronic format).  At least one parent must attend and actively take part in the training.  Not only will this gesture show support for our Altar Servers, parents might learn something new also!  ;-)

 FIRST SESSION (lasts around 1.5 hours) - Meet in church

Tuesday, August 22 at 6:30 PM

 SECOND SESSION (lasts around 1.5 hours) - Meet in church - requires completion of first session

Thursday, August 24 at 6:30 PM

We have a particular need for Servers at 7:00 AM Mass right now, so please consider whether you could help with this Mass time one weekend a month.  Thanks!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Paul Fell
Director of Music and Liturgy
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
903 Bernadette Drive
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: (573) 445-7915 x1137

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