Things to know:

March 19
Religion: Our new book is: "Mystery of the Missing Jars". The recording for the first part is posted in Google Classroom.

Assignments for March 17

Reading:  discuss/ ws
Spelling:   ws
English/Writing: finish catch a leprechaun story
Math: x 8 facts sheet
Social Studies:
Science:  activity time
Religion: Finish Journal entry about timeline (if you have finished the timeline)

Tests and projects:

Spelling tests are on Thursdays. New lists come home on Fridays. 


Spiritual Goals:
  • develop a habit of personal prayer
  • recognize the place of Scripture in prayer
  • develop an understanding of the gestures and responses used at Mass
  • to appreciate the prophecies of the coming Messiah
  • to recognize the cycle of the liturgical year
Behavioral Goals: 
  • develop the practice of silence and concentration
  • practice grace and courtesy in the classroom


Things to know:

Homework each night includes reading a chapter book, studying spelling words, and learning math facts. Any unfinished classwork should be completed also. 

Book reports are due March 13 and 30.



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