Oliveri Physical Therapy Associates is a private practice specializing in orthopaedic physical therapy.   That is, non-surgical or post-surgical treatment of muscles, joints, and the movement system of the human body. We have been is business for over 23 years.  Treatment is directed toward improving function and reducing pain or preventing problems from occurring.  If you would like to read any of the articles Dr. Oliveri has written on various health topics related to his specialty, just go over to the left side of this website, and click on "Health Articles" to see if there is anything of interest to you.  You can search the "blog" for terms that are of special interest or concern to you.  Many of these articles were written by Dr. Oliveri and published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.   We treat people of all ages.  Some of the challenges they face include: 

  • Return to Sport after an injury


  •  Recovering from surgery


  • Reducing Arthritis Pain


  • Recovering from an auto accident


  • Recovering from a work related injury


  •  Potential Need for foot orthotics and other supports


  •  Prevention of work/industry related injuries (we're consultants to industry)






Our intervention with you begins with an evaluation and examination.  First, we interview you to find out about your medical and lifestyle history.  We of course want to know why you have come to us and what you would like us to help you with. 

We then proceed to an examination of the "movement system" of your body.  This entails observation of your posture, alignment, and movements.  The therapist will select, with your input, which movements to evaluate.  We also look at various aspects of strength and flexibility.  Tender points may be located.  Once the evaluation is completed, a physical therapy program is set up for you. 

Our physical therapy programs often include exercises chosen for your particular case.  Depending upon the situation, you may also receive such treatments as: massage, joint and soft tissue mobilizations, ultrasound, cold laser,  and electrical stimulation to muscles or nerves.

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