OGS Parent Advisory Council 2015-2016

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatu, 

My name is Shareeza Ally and I supported the OGS Parent Advisory Council last school year as President. 

This year in shaa ALLAAH, we will be having our first meeting on Friday September 11, 2015.  The meeting will be held at OGS @6:30 in shaa ALLAAH. All parents at OGS are invited to attend the meeting.  If you plan to attend, please look for signs as you come in as the exact location depends on who is attending.  

We are having this meeting earlier in the year than usual as some long term members of PAC will be going for Hajj inshaa ALLAH very soon.  We hope to have an election meeting and keep the agenda simple.  

The agenda of the meeting will include a brief welcome by our Principal Mr. Bakbak.  I will say a few words on the role PAC has taken on in recent years.  After that we will have the election where we choose a new president for the year as well as 11 members to sit on council. 

Brief info on being a part of the PAC council: 

If you would like to be on the council, you will have to be nominated and voted in.  If you nominate yourself for council and are voted in, the expectation will be that you will be an active member throughout the year.  Being a part of the PAC council is voluntary, however it is a commitment, so please keep that in mind when thinking about becoming a member.  In shaa ALLAH we can make it as important as everything else in our lives.

We pray in shaa ALLAAH for a successful year at OGS for all of staff, students and parents.  Ameen. We also pray for safe travels for all of our brothers and sisters off to Hajj this month.  May all have a rewarding trip in shaa ALLAAH. Ameen. 

Please email pac@olivegroveschool.org for any questions. 

Jazak ALLAAH Khair,