Volunteering with PAC for OGS

Call for volunteers! A few hours a week, whatever you can offer we need you! By day, evening or weekend! 

Library support: Need help daily, shelving books, computerizing new books, and just keeping the library a friendly space for all!
Classroom Support: An hour or two a week to lend a helping hand to our teachers! 
Milk delivery: Daily 45 minutes a day, distributing milk to our students. A few parents combined can make this happen!
Used Uniform Sales: We have plenty of used uniforms that need be washed and sold. If you can help or even take charge of this, please contact us!
After school program volunteers: Lots of choices and ideas to develop for the betterment of our kids. House leagues, school sports, workshops! 
Extra-curricular day volunteers: Lunchtime. Lego club, reading club, track club or any ideas you have! Lunch hours
All-Star Reading:  If you have an hour a week to read with a few students during the day, this is for you! Training offered! Be an all-star Reading Coach!
                                                Please email us and get involved. pac@olivegroveschool.org