Student Ministry

Vision, Mission, and Beliefs

Vision of the OCBC Student Ministry:

We desire to be whole-life disciples of Christ who make disciples and together create a culture that reflects the glory of God wherever we go.

Our Mission

To reach students and have them join with us in gospel transformation, as we become mature and ministering worshippers of God.

Beliefs concerning our student ministry*:

1) We believe that Christian students are not just the future of the church but are vital members of the church today.

2) We believe that Christian parents should serve as the primary Christian disciple-makers of students within the church AND that the church family is responsible for the growth and care of each of its members.

3) We believe that students must be engaged with the gospel, Scripture, and theology so that they can know and love God, serve the church, and help fulfill the Great Commission wherever they go.

4) We believe that our diversity of appearance, background, and gifting reinforces and displays our unity of the Spirit, through our shared faith in Christ, according to the one hope of redemption from the Father, which we know and understand by the inerrant Word of God.

5) We believe that God has created His people to glorify Him by enjoying Him forever. Therefore, as a part of a local manifestation of Christ’s body, the church, we seek to glorify God as we are conformed by the Holy Spirit more and more into the image of Christ together.

6) We also believe that our joy is directly and positively related to this journey, so we anticipate a fun and loving environment every time our student ministry comes together as followers of Christ.

*The following first-person plural references include the believing members involved in our student ministry as part of Olive Chapel Baptist Church.