E-Portfolio Title

What is Global Scholars? 

Global Scholars collect all their connections, experiences, research papers throughout their time at Good Counsel, and create their own website which they can use to demonstrate their international mindedness for college or internship application.  The capstone is their Passion Project which they will complete before graduation.  It is a recognition earned by those who have demonstrated international mindedness for their work and contributions inside and outside of classroom. 

How Does It Work?

Any Good Counsel student can apply at any time before the summer of their rising senior year:

Interested students should meet in room 103 from 3 to 3:25 pm on Thursdays to work on their own website.  Everyone will choose their own topic and work at their own pace.  The meetings are workshops when Mrs. Mohs will lead discussion sessions.

The final E-Portfolios should be submitted to Mrs. Mohs no later than  January of their senior year for evaluation.


As shown in this template, there are four categories of required content.  Please click on each tab to see details:

  • Knowledge
  • Experiences
  • Passion Project
  • Connections


The evaluation will be based on level of thoughtfulness and professionalism.  Successful scholars will receive recognition in their senior year, and be invited to give a presentation of their e-portfolio at a Global Programs event. They will be able to submit the approved e-Portfolio when applying for colleges or internships. 


Contact Director of Global Programs at ymohs@olgchs.org