Mrs. Thomas' 4th Grade

October 5, 2018

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Happy October! The last few weeks have flown by! I’ve enjoyed getting to know your children and building what is becoming a warm and engaged community of learners.

This week we spent some time in math studying rates of change. The children were asked to imagine winning the lottery (yay!). They had to choose how they’d like to be paid for the next thirty days. Option 1 paid them $50 a day for thirty days. Option 2 paid them 1 cent on the first day, 2 cents the second, 4 cents the third, and continued doubling for thirty days. Every child predicted he/she would choose option 1. After completing tables and graphing their results, however, they all revised their answers! Option 2 ultimately grosses more winnings.

I had to ask what they would spend their lottery winnings on! Here’s some of what they said:

  • A YouTube studio
  • A Lamborghini
  • A big mansion
  • Concert tickets and back stage passes
  • Virtual Bucks (for Fortnite, of course!)
  • Heated toilet seats
  • All the craft stores in the world and a puppy

In science, we’ve been studying how engineers define problems. Today we built index card towers designed to hold the weight of one textbook. The challenge? They had just 10 minutes, 10 index cards, and 10 centimeters of tape. The constraint many students found most difficult was time: ten minutes is just not long enough! Next week we will have our first science quiz on lesson 1. Students should be especially familiar with vocabulary words constraint and criteria.

Lastly, the students received their first at-home project assignment of the year: Book-In-A-Bag. I attached the instructions and rubric for this project. Also attached is an updated 4th grade families contact list.

Below are some important upcoming deadlines. As always, thank you for your support!


Mrs. Thomas


  • Field trip forms and payment are due this Monday, October 8. Check your child’s HOME folder for forms and information.
  • Please sign and return the classroom guidance permission slip that was sent home this week (also in HOME folder)
  • Upcoming deadline: October Scholastic Book Orders are due Tuesday, October 30. Our classroom activation code is TQG9F. You may place orders online via or send in an order form with a check made out to Scholastic.