Welcome to Second Grade at Our Lady of Good Counsel School!

Get ready to embark on a learning journey!  We will have a daily morning
 meeting to: welcome students, share and express ideas, discuss new lesson topics, 
as well as reflect on objectives and skills learned in previous days.  
Our curriculum will include reading, writing composition, spelling, cursive 
handwriting, math, and religion.  Just watch how your child will develop into an 
independent reader and writer along the way! 

As a teacher with over twenty years of experience, and in my eleventh year of 
teaching at OLGC, I'm committed to building a respectful community of learners, 
who grow in their love for God.  I encourage positive self-images and where 
academic skills are developed to their fullest potential.  Collabollating with our 
teachers I strive to provide your child with an individualized, stimulating and 
enriching learning experience.  

Our 2nd graders will also continue their learning in special classes: art with 
Mrs. Mitchell, music with Mr. Elmarakby, gym with Mrs. Taylor, Spanish foreign 
language, and technology and library in our new Digital Learning Commons.  This 
will be an exciting year of growth and I can't wait to see how your children blossom! 

Mrs. Amy McMenamin


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