Welcome To Art Class!

2018-2019 Yearbook Cover Winners
Natalie Audet and Jonathon Forrest 
Hello there,
Welcome to Art Class! This year students will learn to think creatively and express themselves through various types of mediums. Along the way, we'll learn about masters of the art world and the importance of art movements throughout history. I hope you enjoy learning as much as I enjoy teaching you!

Contact Information:
Art Class is held in the Cafeteria Monday-Thursday
Email- cadler@olgc.me

A  Aim for your best and stay positive
R Respect yourself, eachother, and the given materials
T Trust in your ability to learn and follow directions
I Imagination and creativity is key
S Stay on task and focused 
T Talk quietly and raise your hand

*If a project is not finished by the due date, it is the students' responsibility to complete it during lunch/recess or for homework

Attention: Criteria For 1st and 2nd Honors
-1st Honors A or 93 or above in all classes and a 4 in all special areas.
-2nd Honors B or 85 or above in all classes and a 3 or 4 in all special areas.
-A student may not receive honors if a grade of C or 84 or lower appears in any classes or a student receives a 1 or a 2 in any special area.