Homeroom 6A

Dear Middle School Parents and Guardians,

This morning middle school students met with Dr. Chiarelli and middle school faculty in the gym to discuss proper school etiquette. Today’s meeting was a follow-up to a previous meeting at the beginning of the school year. However, it was determined by Dr. Chiarelli and middle school teachers that these meetings will occur on a monthly basis until deemed unecessary. Students were complimented on greeting teachers in the hallway respectfully and requesting permission before leaving the classroom. The following topics were reviewed with the middle school:

  • Students are expected to remain quiet and attentive during morning and afternoon announcements and prayers, regardless of location (i.e. in the hallway). Students were given the responsibility of reminding younger grades of the proper behaviors expected of them during morning and afternoon announcements and prayers.

  • Dr. Chiarelli clarified to female students that leggings are still permitted; however, if worn, they are required to wear a top of appropriate length.

  • Students were reminded that cell phone use is prohibited on school grounds unless a teacher grants permission.  

  • Students were reminded of uniform code (i.e. belts, tucked in shirts, tied shoelaces)

  • Students were reminded of utilizing a professional and respectful format when emailing teachers

  • Students were also reminded that if there are any adjustments to their usual dismissal, the office must be notified (i.e. going home with a friend, being picked up instead of riding the bus, a relative picking them instead of the expected guardian)

Lastly, students were given the opportunity to ask any questions or voice any concerns they had.

Dear Parents, This is important information regarding the Back to school Social this Friday.
Due to the anticipated weather forecast for Friday September 27th- we are moving to the RAINDATE of Friday, October 12th. Please note, the BACK TO SCHOOL Social will be cancelled this Friday and rescheduled for Friday Oct 12th.


Below are a list of different forms you may need access to in the coming weeks. 

2018-19 Class Schedule

Handbook OLGC

The Lunch Room now has a Peanut-Free Table. This is the table closest to Ms. Adler's office in the cafeteria. No child is allowed to sit at this table with any nut related food, and is washed thoroughly between lunches. 

Dear Parents,
It has come to our attention that Shadow Days for our current 8th graders are in full swing. With that comes a few reminders.
Please note that as per the handbook:
“8 th Grade Students are permitted to have shadow days (a day to visit a prospective high school) anytime throughout the year. The shadow day must be taken prior to the high school’s application deadline date and approval for the shadow day must be requested by the parent in writing two weeks prior to the shadow day."
Parents must indicate no later than 14 days that your child will be absent for a shadow day at your selecting high school. If teachers do not receive this notice 14, or more days, prior to the date of the shadow, teachers reserve the right to deduct points from any assessments or work due that day, or any other deductions/additions as they see fit.
Please note if requirements of 14 days or prior are adhered to, and there are assessment on the day of the shadow day, your child will take those assessments the day prior to the shadow date.
Parents of 7th grade students : Shadow Days will not begin until AFTER April 20th. At that time the above requirements will also be in place for your child to attend shadow days. 7th grade students are not permitted to shadow high schools prior to the finish of High School Week at OLGC. No more than two shadow days are permitted in seventh grade.