What's Happening in 5A

News Alerts:
Happy New Year! 
Sports Papers 
Due: January 10th

School Policies to Remember

Criteria For 1st and 2nd Honors

     - 1st Honors A or 93 or above in all classes and a 4 in all special areas.

     - 2nd Honors B or 85 or above in all classes and a 3 or 4 in all special areas.

     - A students may not receive honors if a grade of C or 84 or lower appears in any classes or a student         receives a 1 or a 2 in any special area

New Lunch Table 
This year we are introducing a peanut and nut free table in the cafeteria. Please be advised it is not mandatory that your child sit here but they do have the option. If you would like your child to sit at this table please let your child’s homeroom teacher know. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you!

Cell phone policy

Parents, please review the Cell Phone/Text Messaging/Telephone/ and Internet Correspondence Policy with your children:

Cell Phones/Text Messaging/Telephone/Internet Correspondence
Students are permitted to have a cell phone at school but the cell phone must be turned off and kept in the book bag at all times while at school. Text messaging is never allowed. Violators will have their phones taken and only his or her parent must reclaim the cell phone in the school office. Utilizing any other form of communication, other than the nurse or main office, is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate detention.
The school telephone is for office use only. Students may use the phone only in the case of an emergency with the Principal's permission.  Permission WILL NOT be given to students to call home for forgotten supplies or to communicate social plans. Please do not request that a child phone home during or after school for any reason.  If it is necessary to communicate a message, the parents are expected to phone the school. The message will then be forwarded to the student. During the school day, students or teachers may not come to the phone to receive messages.