Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Dress Code

The Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School uniform dress code is designed to be a cooperative effort among parent(s) and/or guardian(s), students, teachers, and administration. As the primary educators of their children, all parents and/or guardians need to actively monitor and supervise their children’s dress for school. The student’s dress must comply with both the written regulation and the spirit of the dress code. The following regulations will apply for this school year:


Boys and Girls:

Pants or Walking Shorts*

Shirts and blouses are to be worn tucked into the waistband of a student’s pants, shorts, or skirt.

ACCEPTABLE: Navy blue; tailored fit; cotton twill or corduroy; straight leg; must be worn at waist

UNACCEPTABLE: royal blue, faded blue; baggy, loose, torn, ragged; jeans, stretch jeans, denim, sweatpants; bell-bottom, cargo-style with leg pockets; worn below the waist

  • *Walking shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh and no longer than the top of the knee OR fingertip length, whichever is longer.
  • Short sleeved white shirts with collars (polo style permitted).
  • Grey polos with school logo purchased through DENNIS Uniform or Land's End Uniform (NO other grey polos may be worn).
  • School sweatshirt from Land’s End or DENNIS Uniform (NO other sweatshirt may be worn).
  • Viking Spirit Sweatshirt (with hood) may be ordered through Parents’ Club. It may only be worn on Mondays and Spirit Dress Days as designated on the school monthly calendar.
  • Socks must be plain, white, black or navy blue ONLY (no designs or patterns). Knee socks are allowed.
  • Navy blue sweater or vest (cardigan or pullover style) may be worn in place of the school sweatshirt. No other color of sweater may be worn.
  • Shoes Shoe color is limited to: white, black, dark brown, or dark blue ONLY. No royal/bright blue shoes. Laces are to be black or white.
      • No dress shoes, sandals, open toe shoes, or boots.
      • Closed, practical, durable enough to enable students to participate in physical activity safely.
      • No neon or brightly colored (including royal blue) soles, stripes, lights, wheels, etc.
      • No patterns, e.g. plaid, stripes, etc.
  • Belts A student may choose to wear a belt if s/he wishes. The belt color is limited to: solid black, solid brown, or solid navy blue ONLY. No ornamentation or special buckles.


  • K-5: Regulation jumper (Kirk plaid for jumpers and skirts from DENNIS Uniform)
  • 6-8: Regulation plaid skirt (no more than 3 inches above the knee OR fingertip length, whichever is longer).
  • Short sleeved white blouse with Peter Pan collar (no ruffles) or polo style. (Fit should be loose, not tight. Must be long enough to cover any midriff area when arms raised or when at rest. Blouses need to be tucked in at the waist.
  • Grey polos with school logo purchased through DENNIS Uniform or Land's End Uniform (NO other grey polos may be worn).
  • Headbands/ Ornaments Girls may wear headbands or hair ornaments limited to the following colors: solid navy blue, solid white, or the school plaid ONLY.
  • White, black or navy tights may be worn. No leggings.

MASS/FORMAL UNIFORM (beginning August 2018)

  • Boys are required to wear polo shirts tucked into uniform pants.
  • Girls are required to wear uniform skirts or jumpers with polo shirts.
  • Neither girls nor boys are permitted to wear shorts to Mass.
  • School sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn during cold months.
  • Socks and shoes should follow standard uniform guidelines (above).

Additional Uniform Information


  • Only the OLFCS School uniform sweatshirt may be worn – Order ONLY from Land’s End or DENNIS Uniform with school logo (Student’s name may be added to the sweatshirt).
  • Sweatshirts may NOT be worn around the waist or hips.
  • Eighth Graders have the privilege of wearing the school approved Eighth Grade sweatshirt in place of the standard uniform sweatshirt.


  • Neat, well groomed appearance.
  • Dyeing or bleaching of the hair is not permitted. Violators may be sent home until the natural color can be restored.
  • Extreme styles are not permitted, e.g. initials/designs cut into the hair, shaving the head, spikes. No hair extensions may be used.
  • Must be clear of the eyes, for boys and girls.
  • Boys: can be no longer than the top of the shirt collar, must be at or above the eyebrows, and may cover only half the ear.


  • If a belt is worn, there may be no excess part of the belt hanging loose.
  • The belt should be a solid black, brown, or navy blue.

Blouses/ shirts

  • Must be worn tucked into waistband of student’s pants, shorts, or skirt.
  • May be out for P.E. and/or a vigorous, athletic activity outside but afterwards, must be tucked in again. Student may not enter the classroom unless shirt or blouse is tucked in properly.
  • Only solid white turtlenecks (short or long sleeved) may be worn during cooler weather.
  • No ruffles, frills or extra stitchery work.
  • Boys must wear ONLY a plain, white t-shirt under their uniform shirt (if they wear a t-shirt under the shirt). No t-shirts with designs, logos, or color may be worn.


  • No CCHS jackets, pro team jackets or gang related clothing.
  • Any other jacket or coat may be worn outside.
  • All jackets are to be removed while inside the classrooms.
  • “Hoodies” --- sweatshirts with hoods --- are not considered jackets and may not be worn to school because the school sweatshirt is the only sweatshirt permitted.


  • No hats or caps allowed.
  • Label clothing, especially the school sweatshirt.
  • All clothing worn must FIT the student, neither too loose nor too tight.
  • NO nail polish may be worn and no acrylic nails.
  • No excessive jewelry, e.g. multiple finger rings or earrings, neck chains. Necklace and bracelet, cross or religious style only.
  • If ears are pierced, girls may wear one set of a simple, close to the ear type earring. No dangling earrings.
  • Boys may not wear earrings.
  • NO make-up (eye, face, or lips) is permitted.
  • Make-up, hairspray, lipstick may not be brought to school.
  • A clear lip moisturizer (not lip gloss) may be used.
  • Clothing (uniform and non-uniform) may not be defaced, e.g. writing, drawing on it, cutting, tearing, etc.
  • No body piercing, tattoos or drawings on skin.

Any non-uniform item brought to school, e.g. make-up, hat, etc. will be confiscated and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

The school contracts with DENNIS Uniform to supply the school uniform. Except for the school sweatshirt, parents may purchase the school uniform items elsewhere as long as they conform to the uniform code as described above. The school uniform sweatshirt must be ordered from DENNIS or Land’s End. Ordering information is provided in the weekly bulletin.

Scout Uniforms

  • Boys may wear their scout uniform on scout meeting days unless it is a Mass day. Then they must wear the regular school uniform. For girls, because of the great variety of their scout uniform options, we are limiting the girls to wearing their sashes and vests on meeting days unless it is a Mass day when only the school uniform may be worn.

Non-Uniform Dress

Non-uniform days are announced in the Principal’s Bulletin and on the online calendar. Unless announced, students are to be in the standard uniform. Non-uniform dress does not mean free dress. It means appropriate school clothing and it is a time to use good sense and good taste about what is appropriate for school. Parents and guardians bear the primary responsibility for seeing that students are in compliance with the school’s dress code. Students bear the responsibility of cooperating with their parents and/or guardians.

Dressing appropriately is an aspect of self-respect as well as showing respect for others and the school. When making choices for non-uniform day, if an item is questionable, it should not be worn to school. The following should clarify understanding about choices for non-uniform dress:

  • Neat appearance (No ragged, torn, faded, worn out, or sloppy clothing).
  • No bare midriffs. Tops much reach/cover all the midriff area even with arms raised.
  • Skirt length (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee or fingertip length, whichever is longer).
  • No shirts with spaghetti straps, tube tops, crop tops, low cut tops or shirts of a sheer material. Modest tank tops or sleeveless shirts are allowed.
  • It preferable that the shirts be free of all sayings, pictures, brand names. No shirts with unsuitable logos, messages, pictures, or designs may be worn. No shirts featuring rock groups, rap groups, or other music groups. No shirts depicting symbols of death, e.g. skulls, blood, weapons.
  • No military camouflage dress.
  • All clothing must fit the student ---neither too loose nor too tight. No yoga pants or spandex running tights/pants.
  • Restrictions regarding jewelry and make-up apply on non-uniform days too.
  • Clothing may not be defaced, e.g. writing, drawings, cutting, tearing, etc.
  • Shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh, no longer than the top of the knee OR fingertip length, whichever is longer.
  • No sandals or open toed shoes may be worn.

Spirit Day Dress

Spirit Days are announced in the Principal’s Bulletin and on the online calendar, usually on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month. Unless announced, students are to be in the standard uniform. Spirit Day Dress is as follows:

  1. Students are allowed to wear a parish t-shirt, school t-shirt or school sports jersey (sleeveless jerseys must be worn with a t-shirt underneath) of school colors. No neon or non-school colors are allowed.
  2. Plain, solid blue, non-baggy jeans (no jean shorts) are allowed.
  3. School regulation pants or shorts may be worn.
  4. Regulation school socks and shoes must be worn.

Respect for the School Uniform

The uniform represents Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School and as such is to be worn and treated in a respectful manner. Any defacing on the school uniform, e.g. writing, drawing on it, cutting, tearing, etc. is not considered respectful treatment. Students who choose not to respect the uniform will be liable for detention and/or suspension. Eighth graders who should deface the uniform risk the loss of eighth grade privileges as well.


Students will be cited when they are not in compliance with the school’s uniform dress code—on regular uniform days and on non-uniform days. One or more of the following actions may be taken to enforce the dress code of the school:

  • An Out of Uniform Citation or Non-Uniform Citation will be issued to the student. It must be returned to the issuing teacher on the following school day and a parent must sign it. The non-compliance item(s) must be corrected immediately.
  • Detentions are issued to students who receive more than one Out of Uniform or Non-Uniform Citation per trimester.
  • Parents and/or guardians may be notified and required to bring appropriate dress to school for their child(ren) when necessary.
  • The student may lose the privilege of having non-uniform dress in the future.
  • The principal will communicate with the parent and/or guardian of students who have excessive uniform violations (more than three) and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Uncooperative attitudes regarding the dress code and/ or accumulated citations will affect the student’s conduct and effort grades.
  • All faculty and staff will enforce the uniform and non-uniform dress code. The principal is the final decision maker regarding student dress. The principal will address non-compliance as needed.


Any exceptions to the school uniform code, e.g. health reasons, field trip apparel, etc. must have the prior approval of the school principal.

Extended Day Care Program Wear

Students who attend the OLF Catholic School Extended Daycare program must wear the school uniform (except on non-uniform days). Students may NOT change into other clothing while at daycare.