Child Abuse

It is California State Law that school employees must report to the Department of Child Protective Services if a minor has an injury which appears to have been inflicted upon him/her by a person by other than accidental means, or has been sexually molested, or suffered cruelty, unjustifiable punishment, mental suffering or treatment endangering life or health.

All employees submit fingerprints for clearance through state and federal screening.

Volunteer Requirements for Parents

As a result of the diocesan Safe Environment Program, which is intended to protect young children and provide a secure environment, all school parents who wish to volunteer in activities that have contact with children must complete the two requirements listed below before volunteering can begin. Such volunteer activities include but are not limited to:

  • Helping in the classrooms
  • Working at hot lunch
  • Driving on a field trip
  • Chaperoning a field trip
  • Coach a team
  • Yard duty
  • Any activity that involves contact with children


  1. Complete Shield the Vulnerable online training at home. This online course takes no longer than an hour and the parent will be issued a Certificate of Completion that can be filed in the school office so that they parent can be placed on the “Cleared” List. Further information is available in school office.
  2. Get fingerprinted. Forms are available in school office.

Once the school has received “clearance” for a parent from the Diocese of Stockton, his/her name is added to the list of Cleared Volunteers for the school. Parents may not begin volunteering until the office has received fingerprint clearance AND a copy of the Certificate of completion for the on-line training.

At the request of the teacher, a “cleared” parent is welcome to assist with activities in the classroom. The parent works under the direction of the teacher at regular times agreed upon by both parties. The volunteer must be willing to follow the directions given by the teacher and to respect students’ right to privacy and confidentiality.

School Health Program

The school provides screening each year for vision and hearing. If a child exhibits difficulty in these areas, the parent of the child will be referred to the local health agencies or to the proper specialist for follow-up. Scoliosis screening is also done periodically. As needed, health advisories will be issued to parents in the event of special circumstances.

Health and Emergency Forms

Parents are required to provide the school with all necessary health information and immunization records. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School complies with all local and state requirements for immunization and health assessment.

Parents enrolling a child in the First Grade MUST provide evidence that the child has received the health screening and examination required by law or must bring a signed waiver stating that they do not want health screening for their child. The screening and examination may be conducted 18 months prior to registration/enrollment in first grade but no later than 90 days after enrollment. Mumps and rubella immunization are required for children entering Kindergarten in the fall.

IMMUNIZATION LAW states all student entering the seventh grade must provide proof of an adolescent whooping cough booster called Tdap. This immunization protects students against the ongoing threat of whooping cough. Seventh graders are unable to begin attending classes until the school has the proper proof.

An emergency form for each family is kept on file in the office. The form lists addresses, phone numbers, doctor’s names, and neighbors’ names. It is essential that the card be kept current and that it be signed to allow the school to initiate emergency medical services for a student as needed. A completed emergency form IS REQUIRED to be on file in the school office for a student’s continued attendance.


For the safety of all students, students may not carry any medications, e.g. in pockets, in backpacks, in desks, etc. while on campus. All medication must be checked with the school secretary and stored in the school office. Students who ignore compliance risk disciplinary consequences.

Parents must complete the “Parent Request for Administration of Medication” form before school personnel may administer ANY kind of medication to a student. This includes prescription and non-prescription (e.g. aspirin, cough drops, etc.) medicines. The form requires a physician’s signature.

If a student must have medication during the school day, the following procedures shall be followed (AH 4504):

  1. No student shall be given medication at school except upon the written request of a licensed physician who has the responsibility for the medical management of the child.
  2. All such requests must be signed by the parent/legal guardian who assumes sole responsibility for supplying and delivering all medications to the school office.
  3. All medications must be brought to and administered through the school office.
  4. Where reasonable and feasible, the student’s medication should be self-administered.
  5. A request form* for each prescribed medication must be completed by the student’s physician, signed by the parent/legal guardian, and filed with the school.
  6. The medication must be in the original container with the original pharmaceutical label with the student’s name, the name of the medication, dosage schedule and instructions, the date of expiration, and the physician’s name and phone number.
  7. Parents may request special arrangements with the school administration to allow a student to carry an additional supply of emergency medication (e.g. Epi-Pens or inhalers), if the child is sufficiently capable, mature, and responsible.

*The form supplied by the Diocese requires that even to administer over the counter medication, the form must be filled out by a physician.

Sharing medication with other students may be cause for disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.


In accordance with the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements, the school has been inspected for asbestos. Only the less hazardous, non-friable A.C.B.M. was found. A copy of the school’s management plan, including the inspection report is in the school office. This document is available for your use.

Accidents and Injury

All accidents that occur on school property or during school activities should be reported to the school office as soon as possible. This will assist school personnel in preparing and providing student accident insurance forms.

Supervision Before and After School

These rules apply to all K-8 OLFCS students. The safety and welfare of our students is our first priority. Students and parents must cooperate with the school staff in following these procedures established for this purpose. Students may not be on the school campus unsupervised at any time. Unless using Extended Daycare services, students should arrive at school between 7:45 – 8:00 a.m. and leave within 15 minutes of dismissal

Before School

Teacher supervision of the yard begins at 7:45 a.m. All students on campus before 7:45 a.m. MUST REPORT to the Extended Daycare Program in the old hall and check in. Parents will be billed accordingly. Students may not wander the campus or remain outside unsupervised. At 7:45 a.m. the Daycare supervisor will dismiss the students to the playground area. In the event of inclement weather, the students will be dismissed to their classrooms at 7:45 a.m.

THEREFORE, if parents do not want their children in morning daycare, they must deliver them to school at or after 7:45 a.m.

Also, the 7:45-8:00 a.m. time is a waiting period as students arrive for the school day. Playground equipment is NOT available for use at this time.

Students are to remain outside on the grounds until the warning bell rings at 7:55 a.m. unless given permission by a teacher or yard supervisor to do otherwise.

At the 7:55 a.m. bell, students are to line up outside their classrooms as instructed by their teachers.

The parking lot gates will be closed/locked at 8:15 a.m.

After School

Teacher supervision of the schoolyard is provided 15 minutes after dismissal, e.g. regular days 2:45 –3:00 p.m., faculty meeting days 1:30-1:45 p.m., minimum days 12:00-12:15 p.m. It is expected that parents will pick up their children within 15 minutes of dismissal.

The parking lot gates will be opened 15 MINUTES BEFORE DISMISSAL.

Immediately after dismissal, all students enrolled in the Extended Daycare Program are to check in with the staff in the old hall. The students enrolled in Daycare will remain in the old hall with the Daycare staff until dismissed.

All students remaining on campus 15 minutes after dismissal will be escorted to the Extended Daycare Program in the old hall and parents will be billed accordingly.

THEREFORE, if parents do not want their children in the afternoon daycare, they must arrive for pick up within 15 minutes of dismissal.

Restricted Areas

Students are to remain on the parking lot side of the school. The front of the school, the front parking area, the area between church and hall, the area between the gym and the priests’ residence, the front of the church, the Parish Center offices, the area between the bathrooms and the office, and the driveway area on the west boundary of the school—all of these areas are considered restricted and out of bounds for students.

Any student observed playing or loitering in these areas is subject to disciplinary action.

After School Activities

Students who have after school activities on campus to attend, e.g. choir, baseball, basketball, Student Council—must check into the Extended Daycare Program in the old hall until it is time for the activity to begin. At that time the supervisor of the event must check the students out of Daycare. Parents must complete a release form to be filed with the Daycare staff giving permission for the student to participate in an after school activity.

Students must return to Daycare after the event if it is before 6 PM and if parents have not yet arrived to transport them home.

Leaving Campus

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School has a closed campus. This means that students may not leave campus during school hours unless for a school activity supervised by a school employee. This includes the Daycare hours until 6:00 p.m. When students leave for the day, it should be with their parents or other designated adults. Students may not leave campus and then return to campus.

Any student who leaves the campus unauthorized is subject to suspension and/or expulsion from school.

Security Measures

For the safety of the students and staff, the following describe the measures usually taken by the school. Watch the Principal’s Bulletin for any additional notices.

  1. The front doors of the school will be closed and locked at all times.
  2. The parking lot gates will be closed each school day at 8:15 AM and re-opened 15 minutes before dismissal.
  3. Since the parking lot gates are closed during the school day, parents must transact all business through the front gate and will need to park on Granger Ave. or the visitor’s parking spaces in the front parking lot.
  4. All visitors, parents included, must check into the office FIRST. A pass will be issued so that students and staff will know who has been authorized to be in the building or on the campus. Persons without an authorized pass will be reported to the office.
  5. All lunches, textbooks, clothing articles, etc. must be brought DIRECTLY to the school office and NOT taken to the individual classrooms.
  6. Students who are dismissed for appointments or illness will be checked out of the office, NOT taken from the classroom.
  7. Students who are tardy or returning to school from an absence or appointment must check into the office for an Admit Slip before going to the classroom.
  8. If a person other than the parent comes to the school, he/she should be instructed to go to the school office FIRST.
  9. With reasonable cause, especially if an issue of safety/security is involved, the faculty/staff will search students and their belongings and will seize any questionable materials or objects. Parents will be informed.

Earthquake and Fire Safety

Earthquake and fire drills are held periodically throughout the school year. Teachers review exit procedures with the students at the beginning of each school year. Each classroom is equipped with a disaster bag containing first aid material.

Emergency Plan

A plan has been prepared so that in the event of an emergency all actions which can be taken to ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff will be implemented. Preparing staff, students, and parents with appropriate instructions and practice in how to act and react in case of an emergency will effectively minimize the problems that will arise in such a situation.

If an emergency does occur, the school is aware of its role in working cooperatively with the community. The objectives of this plan are to save lives, protect property, and give aide to disaster victims. It is the intent of this plan to make people aware of how to act and react, before, during, and after a disaster.

Certain actions may involve releasing students from school or relocating them from a school site to another location at a time when parents expect their children to be in school. The principal will authorize such actions ONLY in times of extreme emergency and all possible attempts to notify parents as to the situation will be made as soon as possible. If an emergency occurs and it becomes necessary to send students home early, relocate them to another site, or ask parents to come for pick up, then the following procedures will be followed insofar as possible:

  • Notification of Parents: The school will initiate phone calls/emails to notify parents of the situation if possible OR any pertinent information will be broadcast on a local radio station. Parents should not call the school, so that the school telephone can be used for emergency communications.
  • Parents should not park within one block radius of the school, so that the streets can be accessed by emergency vehicles.
  • Parents will not be allowed to pick up their child(ren) until every child is accounted for and will only be released to the parent(s) or persons listed on the child’s emergency form on file in the office. Parents must cooperate with the school’s release procedures.
  • If students are relocated, parents will pick students up at St. Joseph's Catholic Church. Parents will not be allowed to pick up their child(ren) until every child is accounted for and will only be released to the parent(s) or persons listed on the child’s emergency form on file in the office. Parents must cooperate with the school’s release procedures.

Extended Day Care Program

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School provides an extended daycare program for its students. This program is for regularly enrolled students only. No pre-school age or out of OLF School siblings are allowed to attend.

The program consists of supervised play and activities and an area where homework can be done. Snacks are provided.

The Program will be in operation on regularly scheduled OLFCS schooldays, approximately from mid-August through May. The program will NOT be in operation on school holidays, vacations or the day prior to a vacation. It will be available on all other early dismissal days.

The morning hours of operation are 7:00-7:45 a.m. After school care begins 15 minutes after dismissal until 6:00 p.m.

If a family wishes to use the extended daycare program for their child(ren), an enrollment form must be completed and medical information provided. Enrollment materials are available in the school office. Daycare accounts are to be kept current. Families who allow their account to become delinquent will be informed that their use of the program is suspended until the account becomes current.

Safety Patrol

A Safety Patrol Squad of fifth grade students and teachers are stationed in the school parking lot daily before and after school to assist students in moving safely through the parking lot. All students and parents are expected to cooperate with the directions given by the Safety Patrol and supervising teachers.

Bicycles on Campus

Students who ride a bicycle to school need to follow these rules:

  1. WALK the bicycle when on school grounds
  2. Follow directions of teachers on duty
  3. Park and lock the bike in the area designated
  4. May enter the grounds through the front gate
  5. Must complete a form signed by their parents giving them permission to bike to school.

Office personnel are not available to open the front gate for students or parents until 7:45 a.m.

School and Classroom Visitations

All parents and visitors should always report to the school office IMMEDIATELY upon arriving on campus to sign-

in so that school office personnel can verify that the parent is on the “Cleared” list for volunteering. Classroom visitations are acceptable only upon invitation of the teacher.

Lost and Found Student Belongings

Parents need to label all student belongings with name and grade to facilitate return. When items are left behind they are placed in Lost and Found. Students and parents should check for lost items as soon as possible after being lost. Lost and Found items are kept in the old hall. Clothing and belongings not claimed are donated to charitable organizations.

Students Who Walk

If students are allowed by their parents to walk to and from school, the parents need to fill out a special form in the school office. Also, students who walk to school may use the front gate to enter the school grounds. However, please note—office personnel are not available to open the front gate until 7:45 a.m. each morning.

Late Arriving Students

Late students need to be brought through the front gate at 8:15 a.m. as the parking lot gates will be closed by that time.

School parking Lot (see below)

Keeping our students safe is everyone’s concern. Our procedures are intended to help us work together for the safety and security of our students. Please cooperate with teachers on duty.

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