Admission Priorities

It is the desire of the administration and faculty to accept students whose needs fall within the scope and personnel resources of our program. Children will be admitted to Our Lady of Fatima School in the following priority:

  1. Those children presently in attendance at the school
  2. Siblings of children already in attendance
  3. Parish children
  4. Out of parish Catholics
  5. Non-Catholics

Admission decisions also include these understandings:

  • Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School does give preference in admission to the children of Catholics who are actively participating in the parish.
  • The school does not discriminate on the basis of disability, if with reasonable accommodations (that is, within the limits of the school’s personnel, physical and financial resources), the student can meet the academic and behavior requirements of the school.
  • Applicant is capable of achievement of not more than one grade level below the norm in reading, math, and language arts for grades 1-8.
  • All new students are admitted on a probationary status (3 months) to enable the administration and faculty to determine whether the school can meet the student’s needs before acceptance is finalized.
  • Admittance to the eighth grade is considered only when transferring from another Catholic school or as agreed to by the teacher, principal, and pastor.
  • Acceptable conduct and effort grades are required on the report card from the previous school attended.
  • A family transferring from another Catholic school must have left the previous school in good standing and have cleared all accounts with that school.
  • If a family has withdrawn or has been required to withdraw from the school previously, re-admittance is at the discretion of the pastor and the principal.
  • If the family is non-Catholic, the parents must accept that their child will be instructed in the Catholic faith and will participate, as appropriate, in school liturgies.

Admittance Procedure

Applicants for Grades 1-8:

  1. Student interview and testing with the teacher.
  2. Successful completion of a grade level testing in reading and mathematics.
  3. From a teacher prompt, successful completion of a writing sample.
  4. Parent interview with principal and/or pastor.
  5. Family provides required documentation to the school office as requested, e.g. health/immunization records, most recent report card, most recent standardized testing results, letter of recommendation from the principal/ pastor of the family’s parish/school, baptismal and other certificates, etc.
  6. A student entering first grade must be 6 years old by September 1, 2018.

Applicants for Kindergarten:

  1. Student must be at least five years old by September 1, 2018.
  2. The H&R School Readiness Worksheet is used for Kindergarten screening. This form is completed by the child’s preschool teacher and/or full time caregiver.
  3. The Kindergarten teacher evaluates the information provided on the Readiness Worksheet and recommends on acceptance to the principal and pastor.
  4. Students will be given a Readiness Assessment and a Parent Report of scores will be provided to parents.
  5. Parent(s) interview with the pastor and/or principal.
  6. Family provides all required documentation to the school office as required.

Continuance Policy

For a student to continue in attendance at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, the student must do the following:

  1. Follow the behavior standards of the school.
  2. Maintain regular attendance and avoid tardiness.
  3. Demonstrate effort and academic progress suitable to his or her capacity.
  4. Reflect maturity in social behavior appropriate to his or her age.