I. Goals 
Philosophy of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School 
Mission Statement 
Educational Goals 
Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)
Parents’ and Guardians’ Responsibilities 
Student Responsibilities 
Our History 

II. Governance 
Diocesan Administration 
Local Administration 
Relationships with Government Agencies 
OLFCS School Faculty and Staff 
School Advisory Committee 
Parents’ Club Board 
Kennedy Foundation
Marketing Team 

III. Statement of Non-Discrimination 

IV. School Accreditation 

V. Admission and Continuance 

VI. Financial and Parental Obligations 

VII. Educational Program 
Admission Priorities 
Admittance Procedure 
Continuance Policy 
Tuition Schedule 
Tuition Categories 
Tuition Assistance 
Registration Fee 
Processing Fee 
Delinquent Tuition/Fees Collection Policy 
SCRIP Obligations 
Service Obligations 
Parents’ Club Obligations 
Religious Education 
General Education Program 
Computers/ Statement on Responsible Use of Technology 
Physical Education 
Outdoor Science Program 
SLE Project 
Homework and Classwork Expectations 
Written Work Standards (Gr. 3-8) 
Late Work 
Progress Reports and Report Cards 
Grading Scale 
Conduct Grades 
Absences and Grades 
Honor Roll (Gr. 4-8) 
Second Honors Award (Gr. 6-8) 
Academic Achievement Award (Gr. 6-8) 
Promotion and Retention Policy 
Privacy and Transfer of Student Records

VIII. Communication 
Lines of Communication 
Approval of Communications 
Parent-Student Handbook 
Directory Information 
Weekly Communication 
Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences 
Office Telephone/ Cell Phones 
Messages to Students/ Teachers 
Divorced/Separated Families & Non-Custodial Parents 
Student Party Invitations 

IX. Attendance and Absences 
Daily Schedule 
Regular Attendance 
Valid Excuses for Absence 
Truancy and Excessive Absences 
Vacations During School Time 

X. Health and Safety 
Child Abuse 
Volunteer Parents/ Fingerprinting 
School Health Programs 
Health and Emergency Information Forms 
Accidents and Injury 
Supervision Before and After School 
Security Measures 
Earthquake and Fire Safety 
Emergency Plan 
Extended Day Care Program 
Student Safety Patrol 
School and Classroom Visitors 
Lost and Found 
Students Who Walk 
Late Arriving Students 
Parking Lot Procedures & Map 

XI. Uniform
Standard School Uniform 
Additional Uniform Information 
Non-Uniform Dress 
Spirit Day Dress 
Respect for School Uniform 
Extended Day Care Wear 

XII. Discipline 
Purpose of Discipline 
School Rules 
Discipline Procedures/Referral Process 
Probation and Eligibility 
Disciplinary Referrals 
Reasons for Suspension/Expulsion from School 
Suspension from School 
Procedure for Expulsion 
Recommended Transfer 
Procedures for Recommended Transfer 
Campus Conduct Reports 
Student Conduct –Inside and Outside of School 
Lunch Room Rules 
Harassment of/by Students

XIII. Field Trips 
Rationale for Field Trips
Permission Slips 
Driver Requirements 
Chaperones on Field Trips 
Student Participation on Field Trips
Special Opportunities 
Student Council 
After School Sports 
Classroom Parties/Guidelines for Room Parents 
Birthday Parties in the Classroom 
Washington, D.C. Field Trip 
Hot Lunch Program 
Catholic Schools Week 
School Mass/ Prayer Services 
Student Recognition Awards 
Project Respect 
Altar Servers 
Msgr. DeGroot Leadership Awards 
SLE Project –Eighth Grade 
Academic Competitions 
Fundraising Outside Parents’ Club 
Science Olympiad

XIV. Special Opportunities

XV. Changes to School Policy 

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