Diocesan Administration

The Bishop of the Diocese of Stockton
Ultimate responsibility for all the schools of the Diocese of Stockton lies with the Bishop of Stockton. A Services Agreement exists between the Roman Catholic Bishop of Stockton, a California sole, and the Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, a California corporation sole. Our Bishop is Stephen Blaire.

The Catholic Schools Office
The Catholic Schools Office of the Diocese serves at the direction of the Bishop of Stockton, to support and advise Pastors, Presidents, and Principals at Catholic parish schools and diocesan high schools. Marian Graham is Director for Schools and Tom Butler is Director for School Operations. Cynthia Chavez is Administrative Assistant.

Local Administration

The Pastor
The pastor is the pastoral and administrative leader responsible for the total mission of the parish. He is an ex-officio member of the local advisory council – School Advisory Committee (SAC). As such he is responsible with the principal to determine the policies of the school according to the needs of the parish, the policies of the Catholic Schools’ Office, and the statutes of the State of California. The pastor shall leave to the principal the direction of the school program and the administration of the school.

The Principal
In parish schools, duties of the principal include (however are not inclusive of) acting as the administrative officer of the school and being responsible for the educational program.

The Parish Administrator
In Our Lady of Fatima Parish the pastor directs the Parish Administrator to supervise and monitor the finances of the parish, school, and Parents’ Club. The Parish Administrator is also given supervision of the maintenance and use of parish facilities, including the school. Therefore, the Parish Administrator will serve as Chairperson of the Finance Subcommittee and the Facilities Subcommittee of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) and will consult with the principal in these areas.

Relationships with Government Agencies
Cooperative relationships will be maintained with governmental agencies for the welfare, health, and safety of all citizens, including the students in our school. Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School will cooperate with local and state law enforcement departments, keeping in mind the rights of our students and parents.

OLF School Faculty and Staff
 Pastor  Rev. Khoi Pham
 Parish Administrator  Mr. David Springer
 Parish Office Manager Mrs. Carmen Lopez
 Principal Mrs. Melissa Neder
 Mrs. Marta Antone
 Grade 1
 Mrs. Angel Tindall
 Grade 2  Mrs. Rosalina Gomez
 Grade 3 Ms. Krystle Balancio
 Grade 4 Ms. Emma Fleming
 Grade 5 Mrs. Carolynn Gutierrez
 Grade 6 Mr. Juan Vargas
 Grade 7 Mr. Andrew Nolan
 Grade 8 Mrs. Star Pedron
 Physical Education Ms. Sharon Gregory
 Computers Mr. Andrew Nolan
 Science Ms. Vasiliki Argyris
 Librarian Mrs. Jan Schneider
 Extended Day Care Program Director Ms. Sharon Gregory
 Extended Day Care Program Supervisor Mrs. Sara Shupp
 Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Stephanie Hall
 Grades 1-2 Aide Mrs. Beth Geck
 Grades 3-5 Aide Mrs. Sara Shupp
 School Secretary; Administrative Assistant Mrs. Kia Azevedo
 School Bookkeeper/ SCRIP Coordinator Mrs. Jackie Lynn Garcia
 Director of Enrollment and Development     Mrs. Christina Mize

School Advisory Committee

Pastors and principals may seek the advice of School Advisory members in the areas of school finance, development and maintenance. The jurisdiction of local committees shall be determined by the group’s constitution but always in harmony with guidelines for consultative groups as provided by the Diocese and with the policies and procedures of the Catholic Schools Office. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is an advisory group constituted to provide consultative assistance to the pastor and principal in the areas of finance, facilities, development and long range planning. Meetings are quarterly. Some members of the SAC are appointed by the pastor and some are elected.

Minutes from the 4 quarterly SAC meetings are available in the school office within one week of the quarterly meeting. Highlights from the minutes will be included in the Principal’s weekly bulletin as needed.

Suggestions for the areas of SAC responsibility may be addressed to the chairperson or to a member of that subcommittee, e.g. Finance, Facilities, and Development. All general curriculum and personnel questions should be directed to the principal. A copy of the SAC’s bylaws is available in the school office for reference by the end of September of each school year.

Parents’ Club Board

The Parents’ Club is the fundraising arm of the school. All OLFCS parents are members of the Parents’ Club. The Club strives to support and strengthen the school in its effort to maximize its financial resources and to help keep tuition affordable for families who wish to send their children to our school. The Parents’ Club also seeks to build community among the families of the school by organizing faith-based and social activities to promote a positive school environment.

Therefore, the Parents’ Club has two primary purposes: to raise money for the school for the benefit of our students and to promote community spirit.

The Parents’ Club is not a part of the line of communication for concerns except when the suggestion is directly related to its proper sphere of activities, e.g. fundraising or quarterly meetings.

Parents’ Club general meetings are announced in the school calendar and bulletin. The Parents’ Club Board meets monthly. Requests for items to be placed on the agenda for these meetings may be made by contacting the President of the Parents’ Club at least two weeks prior to the General Meeting and one week prior to the Board Meeting. Such requests must comply with the school’s line of communication policy and the expressed purposes of the Parents’ Club.

Minutes of the General Meetings are available on our school website, after the minutes are approved by the Board. Highlights of the meetings may be included in the Principal’s Bulletin. A copy of the Parents’ Club By-Laws is kept in the school office for reference.

The Msgr. William P. Kennedy Education Foundation

The Monsignor William P. Kennedy Education Foundation was formed in 1987 to help assure a sound financial base for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School and to help keep the cost of education at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School within reach of the average Catholic family.

The purpose of the Foundation is to assist Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in three ways:

  1. For grants in aid, loans and tuition payments for the benefit of students and prospective students.
  2. To assist in meeting the general operating expenses. These donations will reduce the frequency and amount of future tuition increases, allow for expenditures to meet departmental, equipment and program needs, and provide faculty in-service and similar programs of growth.
  3. To assist with capital improvements to the present buildings and future capital needs.
Gifts to the Foundation are agreed to be held perpetually. The Foundation manages the monies according to the principles of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutions Funds Act of 2006 so that, over time, disbursements do not exceed growth. The Foundation is very pleased to be able to give $110,000 to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School for this academic year, 2016-2017.

School Marketing Team

The purpose of the Marketing Team is create a viable short and long range plan for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School with the goals of making our school better known in Modesto and surrounding communities, and to increase our school’s enrollment.