2.001 Guide to Crossing the Last Green Valley: West Sutton, MA to Tolland, CT

In this section, you are invited to visit some of the special places along the Old Connecticut Path as it crosses the Last Green Valley between Sutton, Massachusetts and Tolland, Connecticut. Come along to see the Path at the ground level so that you can experience the history and wilderness.

Go to the web pages containing information and videos for the towns  along the Old Connecticut Path.

2.0 Across The Last Green Valley: West Sutton, MA to Tolland, CT (3 short videos - introduction, photo journey, flyover)
2.01 Manchaug Pond & Waters Farm, West Sutton, MA (1 video)
2.05 Across the Douglas Woods, Douglas & Webster, MA (3 videos from Douglas to Webster, MA)
2.10 Old Connecticut Path: Walk Across a Beaver Dam - Douglas, MA (1 video)
2.30 Treasure Hunting in Windham County
2.32 Providence Path
2.35 Quinebaug River Crossing - Thompson, CT (1 video)
2.37 Ways to Woodstock - Thompson & Woodstock, CT (1 video)
2.40 Exploring Historic Woodstock Center – Woodstock, Connecticut (1 video)
2.42 A Walk on America’s Oldest Highway – Woodstock, CT (1 video)
2.46 Learning from Past, Preserving for the Future - Woodstock, CT (1 video)
2.50 Hidden Byways from Hopkins Hill to Crystal Pond: Woodstock, CT (2 videos)
2.55 Walker Road to Bigelow Brook Crossing - Eastford, CT (1 video)
2.60 Chism School to Crystal Pond - Eastford, CT (1 video)
2.63 Ashford CT Under Construction - Opens January 2014
2.65 Walking to School in the 1860s-1870s – Ashford/Eastford, Connecticut (1 video)
2.66 Ancient Path Across Chism Farm: Ashford/Eastford, Connecticut (1 video)

2.67 Natchaug Forest Crossing– Ashford, Connecticut (1 video)
2.70 Crossing the Great Wall of Westford and Mt. Hope Valley – Ashford/Westford, CT (1 video)
2.75 Finding the Way to Moose Meadow - Ashford & Willington, CT (3 videos)
2.80 Moose Meadow to the Willimantic River Crossing: Willington & Tolland, CT (1 video)

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