Please check the announcements for the Option C grading system.

Please check and replenish all supplies. 

3B-- We collect Mission donations every morning after prayers for a student from Honduras. 

Please encourage your child to go onto the First in Math website.It will help with their math skills.

Homework may change due to schedule changes.

Schedules-- Gym-- Thursday
                    Computer Class-Wednesday
                    Science Lab--Tuesday
                    Spanish-- Monday

3B Scholastic Book Orders code:  HFGHG
Scholastic orders for October have been placed.

****** Please check the Announcements on the sidebar.******

*****As the children are doing their work, they have been told they may either print or write in cursive. For their Spelling homework, they are to print their words 1x each and write the word in cursive 2x.    ***** Please stress neatness and check for correct spelling of the words.*****

In addition to hot lunch which must be ordered by Monday for lunch on Wednesday, ice cream may also be ordered.

50 cents                                                             $1.00 items

Orange Blossom Bar                                            Vanilla/ Chocolate Cone
Fruit Punch Bar                                                    Crazy Cone
Fudge Bar                                                            Cookies/ Cream Cone
Mini Ice Cream Sandwich                                      Ice Cream Sandwich
                                                                           Cookies/ Cream Sandwich



3 B-- YES -NO paper

November book orders due Thursday 11/15/18
 Sign and return tests  

 Hot lunch for Wednesday-- pizza ( $1.25 a slice)
 Ice cream orders

Read.- Comprehension and Vocab. for lesson 7 tomorrow
           Phonics and Grammar for lesson 7 on Wednesday

Spell.- lesson 8 words 3x each due Wednesday (in cursive)



Phonics- do p.99

Due to the weather being forecast for Thursday, the students will attend the play at Ryan tomorrow. They are to wear their gym uniforms and dress for the weather since we walk to the school.

Home and School dress down ( For those who returned the donation envelope) will be on Thursday.



Read.- study vocab.
Spelling- lesson 8 words 3x each due tomorrow ( All words are to be written in cursive)

Phonics- do p.104



Snack money-2 days

November book order due tomorrow

Brown Bag lunch orders due tomorrow

Dress Down tomorrow for those students who returned the Home and School envelope with the $3.00 donation.


Read.- story and vocabulary



Spell.-  do p.111

Eng.-do p.110


Brown Bag Lunch orders

Read.- story and vocabulary 






All books should now be covered. Thank you

Attend Mass
First in Math
Please check and replenish school supplies.

** All homework is to be done neatly in cursive. Please check and sign all homework.
**** Please note that homework may change due to specials, assemblies, and how well the skill is understood.