Grade 8

 HELP!!!!!   We are out of Clorox wipes.  If you could send in some we would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!

If your child is planning a shadow day, please notify the homeroom teacher prior to the shadow day.
All students need a calculator everyday in class.  Please be sure they have their name on the calculator. 
Vocabulary should be reviewed nightly.

Classroom reminders:
Students should be in home room by 7:45 to allow time to pack and get organized for the day.  Many students arrive late and miss the announcements.
Absence notes are required the day the student returns.  Since these need to be saved for a year, we request the note be on a 3x5 index card.  When students are late a note is also required.
SS up to and including 136 by Friday
Take home tests were returned yesterday.  They are due tomorrow signed and corrections once on loose leaf.  SS 130
graded hw due, SS
Take Home due 5/2   SS 126
TAKE HOME due Thursday 5/2
SS 125
Students were given a TAKE HOME TEST today.  It is due 5/2.  It must be signed by a parent prior to handing in or lose 10 points!!!