Classroom News

Please have your child in school by 7:45.  The day begins at 7:55. 

Please put all orders involving money in separate envelopes.  The money and orders are sent to different people to record and total.

Snack money is due Wednesday, April 24 for the following week.  Please put your child's name, 1B and the snack items on the envelope.  

 Please put your child's name, 1B and Hot Lunch on the envelope. Grades 8 & 1 have Hot Lunch on Mondays. Hot Dog Lunch Monday, April 29.

Brown Bag Express money and order forms have already been turned in for when we return.  Please put your child's name, 1B and Brown Bag Express on the envelope. 

Clorox wipes are needed to wipe down the desk tops at the end of the day.  If you can, please send wipes to school since we are almost out of them.  

We are running out of glue sticks.  If you are able to send more glue sticks to school,  they will be greatly appreciated!

See everyone on Tuesday, April 23!

Please cover the new (Volume 2) Reader's Notebook.   

Please sign tests and return in the test folder the next day when the folder comes home.  

Ice cream may be ordered on Friday for Monday.  Please check the school website for choices and prices.  Put the kind of ice cream on the envelope with the child's name and include payment.

Class Activation Code for Scholastic Book orders online is:  MGK9H   


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