Classroom News

Please have your child in school by 7:45.  The day begins at 7:55. 

Grades 8 & 1 have Hot Lunch on Mondays. 

The children may wear Gym uniforms or use dress down coupons on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wear regular school uniform on the last day of school, Thursday, June 14.  

The children will need to bring their own snacks to school this week.  Do not bring snack on Thursday, June 14. 

Noon Dismissal Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Dismissal on Thursday, June 14 is at 11:00 after Mass.

We will be cleaning the desks this week.  Please send in Clorox wipes if you can.  

The class is almost out of glue sticks again!  If you are able to donate any glue sticks for the children to use, they would be greatly appreciated.  

There is an assortment of gym sweatshirts, school sweaters and fleeces hanging in the classroom closet.  Please check and see if your child is missing any of these items.  

Class Activation Code for Scholastic Book orders online is:  MGK9H   

The children will begin copying their homework from the blackboard the week of October 30.  The home work assignments will be in your child's H copy.  The homework will still be on the school website.  Please encourage neat printing at all times.  
Hand wipes are appreciated for cleaning hands when painting.  


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