Mrs. Christina Cox

Math Grades 5 - 8


Extra Credit Option: 3500 stickers in First in Math by May 31st for an added test score of 100 for Trimester 3

Helpful Links

7th and 8th Honors textbook:

Helpful review site:

First in Math


Honors Math Criteria

In order to be considered for and to enter or remain in the Archdiocesan Honors Math Program, students must adhere to the following criteria:

  • CSI of 125 or above
  • Standardized achievement of 90 or above in the Math Composite and 85 or above in the Reading Comprehension
  • 85% or better on the End-of-Level Exam
  • 90% or better in their math grade
  • Teacher recommendation

All decisions are made by the Archdiocesan Math Committee, not school administration.