Attention 7th grade!
  1. Study Guides for finals will be distributed to the students this week if not already given out.
  2. 7th grade will be taking over as full-time Aides during Recess, Lunch, and at the end of the day for our younger students.


  • For any ELA homework that is to be completed online via the Reading website, the students will be given two nights to complete the homework from the date assigned.  If for any reason any student is unable to complete their online homework, they are to bring a note to school stating that it cannot be completed at home and that student will be given time in homeroom or lunch to complete the online work.  The link to the website is under the Reading page.

  • Mission Money is due on Friday each week. All students are asked to bring it at least $5 over their 7th grade year.  This payment can be made in full or over the school year in multiple installments.