Mrs. Coyle's Science and Social Studies Classes

5A Homeroom representatives are Madison Blum and Sean Cahill

5A Homeroom news

MONDAY: Test folders given out and due back signed                           Wed. Computers
Hot Lunch money due for Thurs. lunch. 
                            Science lab
Snack money due for next week. Spanish
FRIDAY: Brown Bag orders due for next week.


Copy of Back to School powerpoint

Social Studies

CHAPTER 9: The United States of America

Section1: The Northeast: An Urban Center
Section 2: The South: The Growth of Industry
Section 3: The Midwest: Leaving the Farm
Section 4 The West: Using and Preserving Resources


Inheritance and Adaptations

Investigation 1: Extracting DNA from a cell (Oct.31)
Investigation 2: The Inheritance of Traits (Nov. 7)
Investigation 3: Incomplete Dominance and Co-dominance 
(Nov. 14)
Investigation 4: Deciphering the Genetic Code 
(Nov. 28)
Investigation 5: Genes and Natural Selection (Dec. 5)
Performance Assessment ( Dec. 12)
End of Cell test (Dec. 14)