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Thank you for visiting our learning community's website. This site is designed to help 3A families connect school, home, and parish. Visitors will find weekly announcements, assignments, and glimpses into our learning here in 3A. 

For a weekly update of homework, important dates, and upcoming quizzes/tests, check out the Weekly Announcements page. 

Our journey towards sainthood involves all kinds of twists and turns, struggles and successes. But with the support of our brothers and sisters alongside us in 3A, we can answer God's call and spread His wisdom, love, and justice to all we encounter. Welcome, and God Bless!
                                                                                               Mr. Whittington

 Inspired by our Catholic faith, Our Lady of Charity School provides the intellectual and moral foundation for children to become saints, scholars, disciples of Christ, and leaders in the community. Together, we can change the world."
- Our Lady of Charity Mission Statement