Austria Day 09

Thursday, May 17, 2012

   Today was a very relaxed day since it was our first day back in Austria from Prague. We are officially half way through our trip and many of us were a little tired from traveling and all the walking we’ve been doing. We got our morning started about an hour later than we normally do and were able to take our time eating breakfast while chatting. When we finally did leave we headed to Vienna on our normal daily commute on the bus and metro. The first thing we did was head to an area of the city that had many buildings that were designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, a contemporary artist and architect of the 20th century. His designs are very unique to say the least; very colorful with lots of odd shapes. I encourage you to look him up and view pictures of some of his work because it is definitely interesting. The first building of his we looked at was an apartment complex. There were lots of people outside taking pictures and there were a couple of souvenir shops outside selling postcards and little trinkets. Next we moved to another building of his that had a couple of exhibits inside. After looking around for a little while we sat in the café inside for lunch.

   Once we left the Hundertwasser exhibit we headed to the Albertina Museum which has the works of many famous artists including the first artist I ever remember learning about Pablo Picasso. I remember years ago when I was younger I checked out from the library a book about him and wrote a report on him for my art class. I remember he had a unique kind of painting and for some reason, out of all the names I’ve learned and forgotten through the years of school, I’ve never forgotten his name. So I was pretty excited to see some of his paintings. I saw several other artists, some that I had never heard of and some that I knew vaguely little of. We spent close to two hours in the museum looking at various paintings, some were over five hundred years old! I could not believe how oldsome of them were and how well they had been preserved. It’s so amazing how someone’s work could last for so long through so many generations and still be admired and appreciated.

   It was late afternoon by the time we left the museum. We were given the option of going back to the hotel to end the day early and kind of get some rest; most of us opted to do so. We took the metro and bus back to Klosterneuburg. There is a little deli a couple of blocks from our hotel that serves awesome ice cream, or maybe its gelato. When we got off the bus a couple of us walked to the deli to get some. Oh my goodness it was so good! I wish there was some kind of way I could bring it all back home with me.

   Once we arrived back to the hotel we spent the rest of the evening pretty much relaxing. Some in our group grabbed food, some did laundry, and some took a nap. I was in the group that took a nap! I definitely needed it. Now I’m fully energized and ready for a full day tomorrow!